My Eyes Opened

Genre: General Fiction



My Eyes Opened


My eyes were blurred.

The Bus came and I tried to reach my hand out for help, but I was too slow.

Laying motionless my mind began to slowly clear. He kicked me out the van!

“I’m leaving”! I had yelled.

“F*** You then”!…

…The last words I could remember.

“Oh my God” voices whimpered all around me. The Bus! They saw me!

My eyes opened, “Mom”?

“Rest honey, you’re safe”.

A week later and at home, I began to see.

“You’re grounded!” Dad grinned at me. I managed a small laugh.

And all I could think of?

Was that I wish I would have listened.

The End



Story picture prompt from The Friday Fictioneers

‘Vintage’– is not old!

Genre: General Fiction


The old Vintage shop sat neatly between ‘Jerry’s – the second hand jewellers and ‘Joseph’s Dry Cleaners, standing with the brown shutters down and closed.

Mary-Ann, the owner, stood outside, her gaze on the closed down shop as she almost lost the plot with Brian the Solicitor.

“Is there absolutely nothing then that you can do? 6 weeks I have waited to see the futility of your so-called reassurances and still the shop owners won’t hold the rent. What am I supposed to do?”

Mary-Ann was perplexed. She had rented that shop for 26 years, all the time offering to buy the Campbell’s out and coming up against a brick wall each time. Why they wouldn’t sell was beyond her comprehension; until now. They are joint owners with the Scott’s who own around 1/3 of the entire Rothdale Market. Of course they want to expand and bring the market indoors to meet the punters requests (“for when it gets a bit wet lads”). Do they not already own enough business’s and assets?

The Solicitor was having difficulty in obtaining the percentage ownerships for both the Scott’s and the Campbell’s. Something just didn’t seem right to Mary-Ann and all that was left to do was wait.

7.30pm that evening Brian called “It’s bad news Mary-Ann I’m afraid. It turns out that Monday gone the Campbell’s had sold their part of the shop over to the Scott’s. I’m so sorry as there is now nothing more I can do Mary-Ann. I’m sorry”.

So that was it then, 26 years of the heart and soul which went in to the shop felt just the same as her on the inside – Vintage. Saddened and heart broken she strolled to the shop to say some silent farewells. She was very fond of that little shop. The ‘Vintage-style’ clothing sold new on the High St came not an inch to the real thing.

Then it came to her – clothes that are worn and old have a place in this world as ‘Vintage Clothing’: And that then meant she did too. She wasn’t an ‘Old, has-been’.  But decided that she would wait and look for something or someone that will love the now Vintage she!

With this new insight, Mary-Ann stood smiling at the shutters of her once beloved shop knowing deep down inside that ‘Old’ was still worth a fair price. She decided now may be a good time to see herself just as those Vintage clothes – ready to be snapped up by someone who loves all that is old – and all that is ‘Vintage’!



Prompt #374 – Vintage by ‘Sunday Scribblings’