My Eyes Opened

Genre: General Fiction



My Eyes Opened


My eyes were blurred.

The Bus came and I tried to reach my hand out for help, but I was too slow.

Laying motionless my mind began to slowly clear. He kicked me out the van!

“I’m leaving”! I had yelled.

“F*** You then”!…

…The last words I could remember.

“Oh my God” voices whimpered all around me. The Bus! They saw me!

My eyes opened, “Mom”?

“Rest honey, you’re safe”.

A week later and at home, I began to see.

“You’re grounded!” Dad grinned at me. I managed a small laugh.

And all I could think of?

Was that I wish I would have listened.

The End



Story picture prompt from The Friday Fictioneers


17 thoughts on “My Eyes Opened

    1. Hello Rochelle. I just want to say thank you for starting the FF’s. I remember it from when I blogged over a year ago and knew what direction I wanted to go when I returned. I just want to write story’s, that being my main focus because I was stuck in a blogging rut a year ago. Looks like John Lennon was right about another thing, that doing nothing is when your creativity is at its best. So that time-out helped me refocus and begin a new chapter! Thanks again and much love, Vicky


      1. Dear Vicky,

        Happy to have you back aboard the Friday Fictioneers bus. However I can’t claim originality. I started with FF in April 2012 and was instantly hooked. Our originator, Madison Woods, decided last fall that she needed to quit due to major (happy) changes in her life. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my weekly passion.

        The 100 word challenge has made a huge difference in my novel writing. 😉




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