Love Captured!

Genre: Romance


Insight came easily to her, it was a gift that she was born with, well that’s how it felt to her.

Her first kiss and she knew that this would be a boy with whom it would go no further. The 2nd, 3rd and the many others after, her gut just told her that “It’s not Him”.

Then it was one hot summers day and she sat alone under the tree which provided the most shade. The College Campus had been a hive of activity as it was the ‘Annual Summer Fest’ Carlton University always threw in its hottest month of July – ever since it opened in 1926.

So as Sophie sat, drowning out the buzz of people around her, she opened up her text book: ‘The modern view of surgical development since the 18oo’’s’ when she came across a note. On it were the words:

“Call Me. Jake. 07640 562 623”

Sophie felt an unfamiliar sensation right in her belly. It was a feeling constituting of seriousness, strength, hardness and a depth she had never felt before. She put the note in her back pocket and continued to read.

It was around 10.30pm and a noise coming from the TV woke her. She had wondered that she must have fallen asleep; books and papers strewn all over the bed. Studying was hard work and she figured that she must have nodded off.

As she stretched and came through the fuzziness, she felt that feeling again – in her abdomen – the feeling she had when she had found Jakes note. Remembering, she pulled the piece of paper from her pocket, reached for the phone and rang the number. It felt the natural thing to do, it was almost as if it was totally normal – and they spoke.

They arranged to meet in the Park the next day. It was a beautiful, sunny, clear-skied Saturday morning. Jake had, for the past 30 minutes, been telling Sophie his whole life story. Sophie didn’t mind, no words actually crossed her mind actually and it felt like she was running on pure feeling with no involvement of  rationale.

“And that’s it”

Were Jakes last words.

And it was then that they looked at each other and her whole world suddenly felt at peace. There was something magical at that moment.

Then simultaneously their faces met, each hand on the other’s cheek, and they kissed. Unaware of space, reality nor time – it was right, correct, perfect. And she knew he was ‘Him’.

After that, they never parted.

*   *

My name is Jane and I am Sophie and Jakes Grand daughter. I’m 15 years old and I was given a story to write on ‘The concept of Love and what it means in Today’s Culture where Divorce Rates are at an all-time high of 50%’.

This is a tribute to my Nan and Grand Dad who passed a few months ago.

The Doctors and Nurses were all baffled, the family too, as both Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Jake died of Natural causes. But there was one thing that they all could never work out:

How did it come that they died in each others arms at exactly the same time?


Prompt #375 ‘Insight’ from Sunday Scribblings  545 words long


All words welcomed :)

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