‘Artiguala’ – A Short Story

My name is Batalla and for many years now I have been travelling in search of T’Alistera – The Great Mystical city of which we were told when we were children.

Every 70,000 years ‘Artiguala’ occurs for just one quarter. It is then that the Four Sun’s and Three Moons form a perfect circle indicating the cycle when all living beings and creatures cease to exist – except those that are spared by The Great One.

That is when my journey began so many years ago because of Artiguala when all became void.

We were told as children that we must search for T’Alistera, The Mystical Land, when Artiguala ocurrs. She will create for us a new beginning and a new era. And this is why, in search of her, I have walked for so long.

Lammette, my trusted friend and companion travels along side me. She may be described as part Dis’aria (my race) and part land creature not unlike Earths Desert Camel. We communicate marginally by thought and she is the only family I have left.

The desert winds are at times incredibly harsh. Shelter is few and far between. But we are always provided for and hide away until the storms clear. This is also when we rest.

Food is scarce, we live off what little the land provides, mainly plants and vegetation. The Great One gives us what we need. Lammette and I are not entirely alone in our quest: The Great One is forever with us keeping us safe and well.

The wells of water still brim with liquid as fresh as that from the mountain dews that I grew up with. We are kept, we are sustained, we are replenished.

Along our travels we have met some of those who survived. Many Dis’arians have settled in small villages. Most are content with what they have built in creating the next generation. They have shown my friend and I much good grace. But we never stay.

I am and will forever search for T’Alistera, the place where in my heart my home lies.

Many tales have been told of this Great Mystical City. Yet it is only those who believe she exists, like myself, that helps to endure the harshness of this existence.

Lammette and I will keep on searching onward for when the day comes and our home is found.

Until then, I hope that our years of seeking will remain but a few.


* * * * *


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