A 100 Word ‘Tail’!


 Genres: Humour/Humor & Romance


Copyright - Björn Rudberg


A 100 Word ‘Tail’!


Tom Cat lay perched on his terrace ledge. From here he’d been admiring Kitty for weeks.



But what separated them, as he looked down towards Kitty’s abode, was how he would manoeuver the hill to get to her.



Today though, beaming with success, he had finally worked out the route down of the rough terrain.



Now”, he thought, “Kitty is mine”!



And tonight, he would finally get to meet her – face to face!



And that night, face to face they indeed met: So closely in fact that Tom Cat could feel her whiskers touching his.



And the best bit – she did not run off!



Kitty and Tom Cat?…..



You guessed the end!




* * * * *

‘100 Word’ Flash-Fiction picture* story prompt from The Friday Fictioneers

*picture: Copyright – Björn Rudberg (and 119 words to be exact!)

Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 1)

Genre: Disturbing


WARNING: Please take caution as this story is intended for mature audiences only and not suitable for people under 18.


*Part 2 is Here

*Part 3 is Here

* * * * *

Rupert, after splashing his face with cold water, looked up and stared at the reflection of himself. What, he asked himself, or rather when, had he became the repulsive man whose gaze, he could not turn his eyes from. Was there still some part of him where a conscience lay for him to beg that question of the empty dark eyes that stared back at him? He had no answer.

* * *

10am that very morning he had an interview with Margaret and James Rodgers, whose daughter Kelly Rodgers was a patient of his which he confined to the Lockley Institute for Adolescent Mental Disorders. The interview was to discuss their daughter’s progress and primarily her release, that they thought was this day which Dr. Rupert Somes had led them to believe. But he had no intention of discharging the young Kelly Rodgers.

For 3 weekly sessions he would probe her with unnecessary questions that did not much else but cause immense distress to Kelly all in order to satisfy his insatiable appetite of finding out what it was like to commit rape – without physically doing it himself: He wanted to know only about the mind and motives of her rapist than in helping her. Internally, he enjoyed her reactions, almost immediately making him feel like the man that did the act towards her. It made him feel powerful. And until another ‘easy’ young admission of the same nature came to him, Kelly Rodgers wasn’t going anywhere.

He admitted her as an in-patient at 15 suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which he, Dr. Rupert Somes, diagnosed her with and deemed as being a danger to herself because of her failed suicide attempt. Margaret and James Rodgers had thought their daughter would get Private Therapy from the Doctor and were dismayed when Kelly was sectioned for 6 months. Had they of known the outcome of that consultation, listened to their daughters wishes to be kept away from Psychiatrists, she would be home, receiving help from the Rape Crisis Centre as Kelly had originally wished for. But Dr. Rupert Somes’ practice sounded perfect, like it would do her good because he specialized in treating Teenage victims of rape. Little did they know of his malevolent ‘Practice’.

* *

It was 9.55am and Rupert’s secretary came into his office personally to let him know that the Rodgers’ had arrived. The strained look on the woman’s face caused immediate concern to course straight through him and he knew there was something very wrong.


The documents just sat there on his desk. He must have been staring at them for more than an hour. He was wrong, Kelly was indeed going home with her parents that day. Margaret and James Rodgers had been advocating with the Mental Health Tribunal Board and a specialist Solicitor to get their daughter released and now Somes had nothing. No-ones mind to probe to fulfil his fantastical needs. Rupert just lost his only ascendency.

* * *

His face washed and dried, he shook the dark thoughts from his mind. Carefully, he trimmed his mustache making sure that it looked perfect before he climbed into the expensive clothing he had bought that afternoon. He wanted to hold the look of someone that was smart, casual and well groomed. He came as close to perfection in his mind as he could before he took one last look at himself in the mirror. He was ready to set out for his evening.

Thoughts turned to Kelly Rodgers as he rode in the back of the Taxi and to the many conversations they had. She had known who her rapist was. She had even described him in great detail, how they met, where they hung out and what he was wearing the day it happened. It was always Ruperts thinking that attacks were by random strangers and not by those close to a person. He chuckled at his own naiveness and the fact that being a Psychiatrist he ought to have known this.

The driver pulled over and Rupert Somes gave him his fair. The man waited for the cab to drive out of sight before making his way two streets further down.

* *

Francine Williams was an old friend from Uni. They recently and unexpectedly bumped into each other on the street where Rupert worked. Francine was in a hurry, but had enough time to invite the Doctor over for dinner the following week. She briefly explained that she had moved down locally to start up her own Psychotherapy Practice and hadn’t been down long – the move due to having split with her Husband. Rupert courteously accepted her invitation.

Standing outside her front door, a curbed fervour coursing through him, he gently knocked. Francine, smiling, motioned him in. She chattered away as they walked into her home and through to the dining area.

Rupert wasn’t listening.

His thoughts only on the way he was going to get newly acquainted with her.

Francine popped the cork.

* * * * *

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 Story Prompt from ‘Three Word Wednesday’  using the 3 words: Malevolent, Probe, Repulsive.

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Picking up where I left off

Genre: Non-Fic Writing Related


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