A 100 Word ‘Tail’!


 Genres: Humour/Humor & Romance


Copyright - Björn Rudberg


A 100 Word ‘Tail’!


Tom Cat lay perched on his terrace ledge. From here he’d been admiring Kitty for weeks.



But what separated them, as he looked down towards Kitty’s abode, was how he would manoeuver the hill to get to her.



Today though, beaming with success, he had finally worked out the route down of the rough terrain.



Now”, he thought, “Kitty is mine”!



And tonight, he would finally get to meet her – face to face!



And that night, face to face they indeed met: So closely in fact that Tom Cat could feel her whiskers touching his.



And the best bit – she did not run off!



Kitty and Tom Cat?…..



You guessed the end!




* * * * *

‘100 Word’ Flash-Fiction picture* story prompt from The Friday Fictioneers

*picture: Copyright – Björn Rudberg (and 119 words to be exact!)


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