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Hi πŸ™‚ I genuinely suffer with ‘Vertigo‘. Some call it a Symptom and in extreme cases, an Illness.

When I cross that bridge and look down at the motorway below – my body, as if possessed by an unknown force, immediately shifts itself away from the railing. It’s like an autopilot reaction I don’t have control over.

I also have a fear of heights: Maybe I have both…

‘Ladders’ – Dad climbs up them every day; me, on the other hand, cannot move beyond the first rung. My head starts to spin and fear gets the better of me.

Why am I getting it? At 21, I feel from an upstairs window (‘Ouch’ – I know!) and was hurt quite badly. And I’ve had this problem ever since.

This is how Vertigo feels:

  • Your body going off-balance by itself
  • You get really light-headed
  • A dizzy, unsettled, feeling
  • Scared

It’s quite upsetting if I’m honest.

A dream I have is to go Horse Riding. I did it once and felt how high up it was and I was scared then. I intend to try one more time and if I can’t cope with it then I’ll get down. But if I could…. I would go tomorrow if it wasn’t for fear holding me back. There will be a day that I’ll give it a go. Horses I love, I love feeding them carrots: So we’ll see.

Lastly, even stairs I am weary of. Must be my age (I’m getting on!). And the fact I nearly broke my ankle recently falling down some, doesn’t help matters.

So, as with most things, it’s something I must live with and endure.

But I do wonder though if it can ever be cured and overcome.

What do you reckon?

Maybe it’s time I Googled it πŸ™‚

* * *

Post prompt: #FWF Free Write Friday: Word Bank



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