Genre: Humour/Humor


Copyright - Janet Webb


I cannot believe my ‘friend’ roped me into this.

That letch of a Bar Man ‘come’ Street Artist makes my stomach turn – and now I am posing for him.


Thankfully, the few Sangrias are making it more bearable.

I could kill her for this; especially as she is laughing her head off.

As I glare at her I swear he’s licked his lips.

I feel so sick.

And a moment later – I am sick, right over him and his portrait.

She’s shocked, he’s swearing in Spanish – and then it’s me laughing my head off!

Revenge is so sweet…

even if it is tinged with the taste of bile!


* * * * *

Story Prompt: Friday Fictioneers , 113 Words. Photo credit: Copyright – Janet Webb

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41 thoughts on “Yuck!

    1. Well, she’s got the sleazy Spaniard off her back, I don’t think he wants to make any further advances after that vomit-fest! And her friend has learned her lesson of where her teasing gets her and stops. But, let’s just say – people only temporarily behave. So as our character has 13 days left, unable to avoid either of them, she may have a few more incidents where only our imagination can take us as to what occurs…. In other words – I have no idea!! 😀


    1. Hi Liz 🙂 From my days of visiting the Canary Islands, I remember loving the stuff. Now though, I cannot even remember what it tastes like! if I was to make my own version, there would be more fruit and less alcohol. It’s like ‘Southern Comfort’ was my drink of choice in my 20’s, now it makes me wanna vomit. Strange how our tastes change! So what’s your fave drink at the moment? 🙂


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