On The Subject of Love…?

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I’ve wanted to write this post for ages; Valentines Day has sparked it off! It’s about a brief look at a few of the different kinds of Love out there that are not exclusively in relation to partner relationships.

I Love that Guy!! How many times have you read a book, an article, a blog post and liked so much because the author’s style and views mesh with your own? I know that I have. And when that happens, I find myself saying “I Love this guy”! Loving the content and therefore the author. (“I Love this Gal” applies too!).

I Love You, I just don’t Like You Of all the people closest to you, family members, spouses, even our kids. We Love them with all our heart, but due to their horrible personality, we simply do not Like them. It’s a tough one and it is okay to feel this way and something not to feel guilty about. I wasn’t the best daughter in my younger years and I know my parents felt this: They still Loved the bones of me, just not how I was.

Soul Love This is one of those unexplainable Loves where two people meet and they share an immediate bond on a deep level that’s hard to explain. It’s like you are close in the snap of a finger. You and they may be totally different, but there’s this deep Love that you share. I have that with a young lady who, lets just say, has had a terrible upbringing. I understand her pain, she mine, yet neither of us can explain our bond. But it’s there. (it’s very mother-daughter like).

Loving Thy Self  This one gets misunderstood quite a bit because some people think that if you Love yourself then you must be arrogant or conceited – not true. I try to treat myself kindly, have self-respect, have values, barriers I won’t cross and caring enough about myself to not stand being in destructive relationships and friendships – is that being arrogant? Of course not. That’s me looking out for myself and valuing myself. People see it as selfish as well which is neither true. Being a doormat is more selfish to ‘Yourself’ if I’m honest.

Regular Love The ones we have for our family, our partners, our children, our pets. The majority of human beings experience this which is entirely natural.

We need never have to lack Love. Look around and I bet you can think of something or someone that you Love. Be it a passion, certain authors, films, hobby’s – there will be at least one thing in life that you Love. I’ve just scratched the surface here; there are loads of different types of Love. And I hope that this post has sparked in you Love that you can expand on.

And Another Type of Love… I Love all of you that Follow, Like and Read my Blog. There you go! Smile


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2 thoughts on “On The Subject of Love…?

  1. Lets call you a carpenter because you it on the nail. I agree with you there are many loves that we experience. The most difficult is learning to love ourselves. We grow up trying not to be conceit because that’s vain full. But loving ourselves is like you say treating ourselves good. In doing so we open ourselves up to accept love from others.


    1. Thanks, I feel very complimented on such a great comment! 😀 Loving yourself definitely goes a long way to loving others, yes. Even if you cannot stand someone, I believe that there is something somewhere to love in them, it just doesn’t come to the surface immediately. And why not treat ourselves good? There’s many in the world that won’t so why add to misery…………


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