The Little Things

Genre: General Fiction

Copyright - David Stewart

The Little Things

Juliet stared, eyes glazed and numb, through her classrooms window. In 5 minutes she’d need to ring the bell to get the children in.

They were so happy playing that a tear fell. That’s what she craved. Happiness.

Her partner, 6 months ago, had taken a job in Sicily. Missing her friends and family, she felt alone too.

Another tear fell.

Composure, she thought. Then rang the bell.

Suddenly, interrupting her isolation, she felt tugging at her sleeve. Looking down, a sweet and beaming 5-year-old face looked back at her.

Her incredibly heavy heart swelled with warmth and was replaced with the utmost and exuberant joy.

The little boy had picked her a small golden flower.

* * *

Friday Fictioneers. 118 words (ish). Photo Prompt: Copyright – David Stewart

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28 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Oh sweet! We make our own misery with our thoughts… I read somewhere the other day that the majority of our thoughts are the same as we had the day before, and in turn, the majority of these repetitive thoughts are negative. We’re not very good friends to ourselves, are we?


    1. You know something?…. You are absolutely right. We all need to be better friends with ourselves. Oh, the negative and repetitive thoughts, it doesn’t exactly get us anywhere except cause more of the same that we’ve had over however much time. In schools they ought to teach children about self-respect, self-esteem, loving themselves: It’s just stupid that core skills like that are neglected to be even mentioned. Sad, very sad. Before I forget…Thanks for liking my story! 😉 I’ve written a couple of recent posts including parts about loving the self; I’m going to write another and expand on it. Our conversation sparked the idea therefore you – if you don’t mind – will be mentioned in the credits. Let me know if you’re okay with that 🙂

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      1. I agree that children should be taught to care for themselves, and about themselves. I do believe that if they did, caring for others would come far more naturally, and certainly not be seen as uncool, or soft (or whatever the current slang is!).

        You’re welcome and I would be honoured for you to mention my name in the credits! Thank you 🙂 and good luck with the writing!


  2. Victoria, this is a lovely story. She chose to be happy and that makes all the difference. You can be happy in all sorts of situations if you choose to do so. Of course, sometimes that’s pretty tough but it’s still a choice.



  3. Beautiful story!Sometimes a small act brightens up our day and lightens our load:-)We look outward than within for happiness and thus are always left with that sadness,that longing for something-chasing a mirage 🙂


    1. Hello 🙂 to be honest, I don’t get this ‘happiness on the inside’ thing that much. No one ever seems to pinpoint exactly what you have to actually do to get that inner joy. There are so many states of happiness as is the opposite and all that is in between. I just find many authors who write this stuff don’t know the meaning either because no-one can be happy all the time. My Cat makes me happy; my Partner makes me happy; Writing makes me happy and so on…. they are external things. Seriously, I don’t believe in it. I won’t be happy when my Parents die – do you see what I mean? How can you know happiness without experiencing unhappiness – there needs to be a comparison. That’s what I think 🙂


      1. Of course,no one can be happy all the time and if they were it would be so boring-yes,we do need a dose of the sad/unhappy to value the happy times.However,what I meant is -and I believe in that mantra-have experienced it first hand-that happiness is a state of mind which definitely can be controlled most of the time-if you continuously dwell on your”unhappiness” or that which is missing from your life and making you unhappy,you definitely will never overcome that state-however,if you decide that even if that person or thing is missing from your life and hurting you somewhere,you will not let it affect your inner “aura” or spoil your day/mood or let it affect your work or other relationships, definitely it will make your day/life better-more cheerful.Don’t believe me?Ok,next time,when you feel unhappy/sad,just smile at yourself in the mirror-it will make you feel a little better-it is a conscious effort and needs practice -we human beings love to be “unhappy” ,-we love to wallow in self-pity and keep forgetting to count our blessings.Re,death of parents or any loved ones-having lost both my parents within a span of 18 months-just 3 years back,I can only say that death is inevitable and any loss is going to hurt but we have no control over that-instead of being unhappy(we need to let ourselves grieve of course-only then can we heal),we should learn to look back at the beautiful memories that we created and celebrate their lives-that’s what I do and would like my loved ones to do,once I pass on-mind you,I do not consider shedding tears or mourning as being “unhappy”-that’s just letting go:-)Yes,it is different strokes for different ppl cos we all are different-what works for me may not work for you-our circumstances,our environm


        1. Sorry,the msg was truncated-
          ..our environment,our perspectives,our personalities are all different and thus our reactions differ too:-) So,it is okay to have different opinions on such things .Have a wonderful week ahead Victoria:-)


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