Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 2)

Genre: Disturbing


WARNING: Please take caution as this story is intended for mature audiences only and not suitable for people under 18.


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* * * * *

2 am: Francine sits, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. Her face is swollen from where he had punched her, through gritted teeth and snarling eyes, the punch that landed her unconscious. There are marks on her inner thighs and throat. No amount of scrubbing could remove those bruises and cuts. She is sore, inside and out. Her eyes stare blankly ahead at a spot on the wall. Why did he so violently attack, beat and rape her? She had no answer except for the confusion of her thoughts considering it was something she done to provoke him. The agony in her whole being was consuming her. So she gently lay on her side, feeling the pills effects, and waited, while she wished the world away.

* * *

2 am: Dr.Rupert Somes is pacing his apartment like some feral animal that was let loose. His hands fly to his head and down again repeatedly as he tries to calm himself for what he just did. He raped a woman. His curiosity got the better of him. He felt exhilarated; adrenaline coursing through his body causing his heart rate to pound in his chest. What had he done? He questioned as he splashed and splashed water over and over again at his face, wrapped up in emotions he had never felt. Clutching the edges of the sink, letting his breathing and heart beat slower, he gazed at himself. Within seconds he laughed, a wild and uncontrollable laughter as he stared into his own eyes. The simplicity of what he had done to Francine alluded him. He executed the whole thing with such ease that he could not contain his might. He reluctantly lay down, feeling the most power he ever had felt in his whole life, revelling in it. And Triumphantly, fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

Over the following few weeks, Dr. Somes decided to provide therapy at The Lockley Institute for Adolescent Mental Disorders for patients admitted for committing rape. Somes, eager to feed his desires, decided he wanted to know what went on in these minds. Before, he had only Kelly Rodgers who he held at the Institute giving her therapy to overcome being raped. This is where Rupert Somes’ insatiable desire for wanting to know how it would feel to rape someone, began. But, Kelly was discharged by Court Order and no young fledgling had taken her place. So, Dr. Rupert Somes went with the next best thing. And as time went on, his obsession grew.

The Doctor listened to these young persons accounts and quickly decided that he was not like them. Some expressed inadequacy, remorse, hatred towards themselves. But none came close to how Rupert, himself, felt. He wasn’t among these sad cases. He was different. He was powerful, strong, and believed he knew his own mind unlike the pitiful ‘I don’t know why I did it’ mentality these people possessed. He, on the other hand, enjoyed what he had begun. And his taste grew stronger.

* * *

The Doctor became tired of these animals at Lockley. After his first successful rape attempt with Francine Williams, he had more confidence. His thoughts turned to Private Therapy. He now started to focus his efforts on his Private Practice where all this began with the meeting with Kelly. He would leave Lockley and continue to advocate himself as the experienced Rape Victim Psychiatrist that had drawn her in at the beginning. He decided to change his therapeutic style. He wanted to become more of a befriender as well as practitioner. That would be his next move to entice vulnerable victims.

* * *

Amy Lester was just 19 when it happened to her. She had lived in seclusion, isolated herself from friends, even family. She had no life – A job, and that was it. Amy had kept her ordeal a secret, not even her lost close friends nor her Parents knew what had happened to her. She was ashamed, vulnerable and alone. She had seen a leaflet in the waiting room of her own General Practitioner’s while she waited to get her Anti-Depressants prescription. Even her Dr there didn’t know the truth. But at 26 years of age, Amy decided it was time to confront the destruction the rape had left behind. She no longer could stand her life and  wanted to move on.

In her small apartment, she had looked at the kind Doctors face on the leaflet. It was a face that made her feel safe for some reason. Feeling like she wanted to take control and get a shred of her life back that the bastard rapist stole from her 7 years ago. She decided that it was time for Therapy and She called Dr. Rupert Somes.

Within a week, they would meet.

* * * * *

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Story Prompt from ‘Three Word Wednesday’  using the three words: Feral, Insatiable, Shred

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