My Love Will Never Die

Genre: Romance


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My Love Will Never Die


For better or for worse, it always was. From that first look and from that first kiss. Two lost souls wandering, now and forever, no longer alone.

We clear up our unfinished hurts, as so painful as it is. We suffer it, we endure it, and we do it for ‘Us’;

We do it for You and we do it for Me.

To be far away like this kills my heart. You, though, are worth every arrow as I am worth, for you, every stab and blow.

You are my Angel and I am your Light. Together, we are each others Hope.

The day will come when we will see the sky, the one I promised I would show to you.

Until the day that we are done and we both can finally move on, know this sweet prince,

The answer is ‘Yes’! And know this too, it’s always been.

* * *

150 words. Visual Prompt – ‘VisDare 49: Devoted’


4 thoughts on “My Love Will Never Die

    1. Hi 🙂 I’m glad you like it! Thank you :). It was a very emotional piece to write. I cannot write poetry at all and I was worried it may look like it was but I just couldn’t put the words in any other way. I am just glad that I could encompass what is – and get it down in 250 words. Thank You for such a positive review 🙂


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