‘DP Challenge: Object’ – The Light, The Dark.

English: This picture shows the motion of a ca...

Here I sit, a gentle flame that flickers as the slight air moves me around. My base is solid, my flame is light; But, without each other, we could not exist. Matter and light, contrasting yet complimentary yet totally dependent. My wax is a solid block, a lump that sits. Whereas I am forever in motion, moving, brightening.

I am the burning hot flame: Below me is my base: Below that – the plate on which we stand. Down further – onto the bookcase: It, on the floor it stands: Through the floor and into the soil: Further into the deep layers of the Earth. Then, we reach its core: Its burning, glowing centre…. Then, back up we go: Up through each layer. And further up until we meet again: A connection and extension of this Earth Is what I am.

I am useful. I am a flame that lights a darkened room. An additive to a romantic night. An ambience while relaxing in waters.Those who’s head’s need to clear will stare, in hope to find stillness and peace.

I’m a representative. You are in mourning, and I am your token. You light me for the passed; representing the light in them as well as the light of their presence. The noise and song that I create when atop a birthday cake of a child who takes a deep breath in – then blows – and puts me out, having made one wish, maybe three.

And therefore, I am a symbol. A symbol of hope, of love, of laughter, of tears, of unification. Blow on me; and in a second I am gone. I smoulder, cool and I die.

Until the next time comes, and once more, I am alive again.

                     * * * * *

Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

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20 thoughts on “‘DP Challenge: Object’ – The Light, The Dark.

    1. Hi litadoolan (cool name! 🙂 Thank you for your honest and thoughtful words. I tried to make as many situations and states that a candle can represent. I’m really glad that you saw what you did in it. And Thank you again 🙂


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