So Remote… “Set Me Free”

This Weeks ‘VisDare’ 150 250 word – (So Sorry, my total mess-up) short-short story. Ooops! See apology below!



“Set Me Free”

In the remote, far away, recesses of her mind where she had been trapped for nearly 20 years, she now waited for the solitude her life had become to finally ebb away. She wanted to live again, to breathe again, to feel what she perceived the world was like to all the others around her.

She knew deep down how she got to this place; but why had she allowed that evening to push her in on herself to this extreme, creating a fantasy in her mind that was nothing more than a wreckage? Only now did she allow herself the answer. All those years, outside and in, guilt had consumed her. Nowhere in her then world did love exist, did laughter roar freely and tears flow like rivers. She wanted nothing more than to welcome sadness and anger ever as much as joy and happiness. But the guilt held her tightly.

The past night she dreamed that her Soldier had come back from the War unscathed; had returned to her. But it was only a dream. Her soldier was 20 years long gone: Armour had tightly bound itself to her heart and soul; its helmet caging her mind that once ran free and loved until the evening her Soldier was no more. 20 years on and in the past nights dream, her beloved danced with her one last time and gave her his blessing. She finally allowed the protective suit to fall and lightly walked up the aisle to the beloved who was waiting. Finally, she lived – and loved again.

* * *

Inspired by VisDare 50: Remote

Photo source here

… Oh, how I stuffed up. For some odd reason I forgot this is a 150 word challenge and Not a 250 word one 😉 But anyway, apologies All VisDarer’s and to Angela Goff, creator of the VisDare challenges. Oops! Sorry! I’ll get it right next time! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “So Remote… “Set Me Free”

    1. I’m sorry the story took you there

      It’s [war] an unnecessary and barbaric offense that never rectifies or changes anything, except peoples whole lives… Shameful that nothing is still ever learned.

      Yes, it always amazes me how many stories I read of the same photographic prompt and how differently we all interpret it. It is indeed interesting 🙂


  1. I went to the artist’s website and told her what a beautiful, beautiful sketch this was. And it went so perfectly with your story. Some doors can never be closed…where there are good memories, so will there be sadness. Thank you for sharing.


    1. ……”where there are good memories, so will there be sadness”…..
      I couldn’t agree more with you there, like times we think of old flames.
      The Artist’s picture really is amazing, so intricate and masterful: I wonder what inspired her?? There must be an interesting story behind it.
      Thanks for stopping by and having a read 🙂


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