A Tale of Two Worlds

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Genre: General Fiction


A Tale of Two Worlds

Time had stood still. This place was idyllic, a far cry from our tenement amid the bustle and noise of Central London not forgetting the smell and the dirt pollution left on us. No, this place was very different.

“I miss the kids” I told Joe as I snuggled in closer to his body.

“We needed this break Liz, the kids can get just a bit of a handful at times” he gently spoke back, a touch of jest in his words.

He was right, 5 kids, all at different ages, was a handful. Plus, this is the first holiday we’d had in a very long time. Between the two youngest being born, I make it 6 years.

“What do you want to do now”? I asked.

“Nothing, just stay right here a bit longer”

We’d been soaking in the sun as we walked the sandy beaches, how long for, I have no idea. It was like there was no time here, just peace. The sound of the sea, the feel of sand on our bare feet, the warm breeze; this is what life should be all about, not the endless barrage of stress day in day out that life offered. I wish we could stay here forever.

“Come on, lets eat, over there” Joe pointed to an open restaurant. In our absent-mindedness we must have walked from one resort to the next!

With our bellies full, I had a thought.

“Why don’t we move here? You could set up business, there’s plenty of building work happening. The kids could go to school, learn Spanish, we all could. We’d no longer have to live cramped in our small apartment and all this, we could have it every day”.

I was surprised. Joe’s eyes actually looked like he was contemplating what I had just said.

“Well, work would be easy to come by out here. The kids would love it and it would be a lot cheaper to live than London. Why not? Sod it Liz, I’m sick of the tiresome shit day in day out, and we’ve already talked about not wanting our kids to grow up with what we see every day.

Matt and Ellen moved out here a few years back; even they said how much their lives and the kids’ had changed. Do you remember the evening we had with them when they popped back and how good they looked, let alone how happy they were”?

I could’nt believe what I was hearing, he’s actually serious! Cousin Matt and family had changed – they were happy, it actually saved their marriage. For us, this could truly happen. No more litter bins splaying their rubbish outside; The drug problem that threatened our babies. The list could go on for how bad it is living where we are.

Joe had his mind made up, it was written all over his face.

“I Fucking Love You”!! I blurted, a bit too loudly, as I threw my arms around him. This was it, this was really and truly going to happen. And three months later… It did!

There is a saying:

“Be careful what you wish for ”

I’m glad I wished for this 3 months back when we walked down this very same stretch of beach. If I had not of… this may never have come true!

* * * * *

Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes by Krista on March 3, 2014

Photo Source: Three Views Along the Shore by Sue Nash

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