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If there’s one thing about writing that bothers me the most is the formality of using ‘correct’ Grammar – it drives me crazy. I have read many a book where the use of ‘proper’ grammar has been excluded and it has still been a very well put together text and made for interesting reading. Why should we have to write all the time, everything, to the old school, unbreakable rule of the correct use of grammar? Why? Is it not about time that we should be able to write not only what we want but how we want? My answer is Yes.

I read an article in the Huffington Post that was pleasure to my ears. A list of Very famous Authors who…..broke the rules. And their style is part of what made them famous. I am fed up with all these grammatical rules which we writers are expected to follow. Reading books with correct grammar gets boring. As long as the words flow, are understandable and the reader is able to follow the story, then what harm does a unique style of writing do? My answer is absolutely None.

I’m being totally lazy today (I did say I was lazy in my about me page) but I wanted to get my point across. For the full article in the Huff, click on its wonderful title below:

These Famous Authors Made It Okay To Commit Grammar No-No’s

It’s worth a read.


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4 thoughts on “‘Grammar’…Urgh!!!

  1. I am guilty of not using full sentences…a no-no in the writing world. But that’s my style. What bothers me more than grammar “rules”, though, is grammar “abuse.” Wrong tenses, wrong word, misspelled words…the simple things. I do a lot of proofreading, and find myself proofreading things like books and magazines and even websites. (shivers!)


    1. Yep, I totally agree with you on two things you said: One, that the way you write not using full sentences is Your style and rightly so. And the second I agree with, that the simple things are important. It wouldn’t be good if a piece is full of those things you mentioned, it just wouldn’t be legible and create a less than pleasant read. The more I read and the more I write the more I pick up on small things in others work, the great as well and I feel we can learn a lot from each others writing. I guess I’m becoming bit of a proofreader myself 😉


  2. I agree completely. I used to enjoy writing and others enjoyed what I wrote. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was deciding to be a better writer and reading a bunch of writing how to books. Now when I try and write, my inner editor won’t shut down and I agonize over every sentence instead of just writing. I received several minor awards and a publishing contract before I knew what an editor was. Now I’m not sure if I will be able to finish the book I was contracted to write. Frustrating!


    1. Ah mate, I feel for you. This is what all this ‘writing-by-the-code’ does to talented writers like you who were happy writing from the heart, how and what you pleased. You’ve just wandered off your true writing style path and I believe you can get it back. Free-Write Roland… Free-Writing is the easiest way to start shutting that darn editor off. You learned how to write how is ‘expected’ and you can unlearn it again and get back to your own way of doing things.

      Everyday Free-Write about 750 – 1500 words and do not edit a thing, that’s gonna be the best way to get you back to yourself. This is so hard to hear and why I get so angry about old school ways because that’s what they are – ‘Old’. I refuse to stick to the rules, and when I slip and I do, my writing isn’t me anymore. So you get back to the writer that you are and give yourself a daily dose of free writing on anything, even your frustrations because I tell you, it’s liberating and will help get your book finished. Just start unlearning – it can be done.



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