What the….?

Genre: Humour/Humor

What the…..?


Godfrey Hamilton-Price‘: The most self indulgent, arrogant, pompous, weasel I had ever had the misfortune to date.

The first date: He told me my clothes made me look ‘cheap’; that my hair style looked ‘provocative’; And my shoes were ‘suggestive’.

The second date: He takes me clothes shopping. What he chose, I wouldn’t let my Grandmother wear. Then I had to fake being sick as he tried taking me to a hairdresser.

The Third and final date: Private Jet Plane, to meet ‘Mummy’. I turn up in his worst nightmare outfit. The look on his face, I’d never seen a man so speechless. And after the speech I gave him – I’d never seen one piss themselves either! And I nearly did too!

No doubt though, when he see’s ‘Mummy’ she’ll give him what I imagine a man like him would get – a good old spanking for spoiling his Sunday bests.

And me? I laughed all the way home!


* * * * *

Prompt from ‘VisDare 51: Carefree’ by Angela Goff. Photo Source here

8 thoughts on “What the….?

    1. As I was writing and rewriting and the story was coming to its fruition I did think “Gosh, It’s a bit naughty, I can’t post that”! But I just couldn’t resist 😀 Thanks for the positive feedback, I wasn’t sure what reception it would get 🙂


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