Goodbye my Child

   To My darling Daughter,

  I haven’t much time left anymore Erin, by Friday I know I will be gone. I cannot go without leaving you with a memory of your dear old Mum.

  Please do not cry for me, I’ve led a wonderful life – including the most wonderful of all – having you x

  I need you to look after yourself well, my sweet, so you don’t have the same fate as I. You are 15 years old and there was so much more I wanted to teach you. My 40-year-old body has failed me because I didn’t look after it. I don’t want the same to happen to you.

  Take care of your body for me, eat all the right food. Exercise, doing what you love most; as with age, my love, comes wear and tear and illnesses more frequent. That’s the only thing I regret, that I didn’t take care of my body. But , you my precious, have time on your side. Don’t follow the same route that I took..

  Keep that wonderful, intelligent mind of yours active; as that starts to frail too, the older you become. Never stop studying, it will keep your mind alive. Do Not let my passing hold you back, instead learn from the mistakes that I made in life and move forward making better choices..

  I will always be by your side, my angel. And if you don’t do what I’ve asked of you, I’ll be forever whispering in your ear until you do!

  I must go now my precious, my hands are weary, my body tiring.

  I love you with all my heart, my sweet Erin. Please live happily for me and make sure that you listen to my words.

  Take care my sweet girl,

  Forever yours,

   Mum xxx

* * *

Daily Post Writing Challenge: ‘Golden Years’



18 thoughts on “Goodbye my Child

        1. It is tough to get started. I know when I have a short story to write, it can take me hours/days to get off the ground, then at other times, I am able to knock two out in one night. The writing process is a strange thing and from having spoken to other writers, what we each go through seems to be universal. The only bit of advice I can humbly offer, is when creativity strikes, sieze the moment and literally don’t think. I have a jotter pad on my phone and tablet so if any ideas come, there is always something at hand I can write my thoughts down on. Keep writing back at ‘ya! 🙂


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