An Ugly Business



An Ugly Business


I had dissected my 8th victim, let me see, this darn watch – I must get it mended – oh, around an hour ago. A street girl. No-one will miss ‘it’. It is one of the many parasitical infestations within the area that is London. And, ‘Pests’, they must be, so sad and unfortunately, eradicated. Such vermin is not fit to live alongside the Nobler Gentile like myself. My, my, have I much work left to do – to clean this Capitals streets.

It is cold at this hour. The snow it falls heavily and the wind is bitingly prickling. As I pull my collar, I see there is blood upon my shirt. Disgust ensues me. I must be home to rid myself of the remains this ugly business has left on me – The filth of a rabid dog.

I see two Police Men. I tug my collar and coat ever closer. I am a hero. Though that, no-one will ever understand.

* * * * *

Prompt – VisDare 54: Covert by Angela Goff

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6 thoughts on “An Ugly Business

    1. That’s the only way I can imagine what type of mind he had, what motivated his actions. And many working girls of that time, even now, were vulnerable and looked down upon. Yet it is those ‘noble’ men that are the ones who would visit them…


  1. I sort of did a Jack the Ripper thing myself, although mine was part of an ongoing story line about a family of Cthulhu Mythos cultists. I enjoyed yours. By the way, your background is very striking!


    1. Yes, I had a read of your story and it’s not far off at all from the Ripper himself, and written great! Enjoyed the part about there being ‘Twins’ – expands the mind further!

      Glad you liked my background. As April is nearly on us there will be a redesign – it’s a monthly thing I do!


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