The Drug Demon


The Drug Demon


Why did I carry on with what I knew would lead me into trouble? because being high was better than being in reality. Was it that bad? It must have been, though I can’t pin point on exactly what; I just knew I felt better stoned.

I still neck pills to this day, it’s natural for me. Life without being numbed/stoned is unimaginable.

Well, my demon has reappeared, confirming I’m still what I am. To me though, so what?

Who gets to decide what is right and what is wrong – You?

Maybe you need a visit from your very own demon before you pass judgement. Because I can tell you now, You may think you are the moral of society, but You too have your own demon(s).

The difference between You and me though, is I can face mine… Can You face Yours?


* * * * *

Prompt: VisDare 56: Cornered by Angela Goff

Photo source here


2 thoughts on “The Drug Demon

    1. Demons are so crap but empowering when you recognise them and more so when you face them. So I say good for you! I know in my life they’ve bought me down a peg or two but I’m richer for the experience. Thank you very much for actually liking what I wrote, I seem to be in a dark literary place of late πŸ™‚ Have a fab weekend! πŸ™‚


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