She Knows What We Don’t

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Tell me about this girl…


Quote by Joanne Harris*

She Knows What We Don’t

She definitely was different; more accurately, different in a good way. You never knew quite what was going on in her mind, but you knew that she was reliable and honest and loyal. It’s this thing about her, despite being unlike the rest of us, you could really be at ease with her, be yourself with her, none of the pretending or acting that we all did when we were together. No, she was not like us.


I have wondered many a time, what is her secret. She has this way about her that speaks volumes even though she’s quiet when she’s around us. One-on-one though, she listens, actually, really, listens – like you’re the most important person in the world. And knowing too, that to tell her something, she’d make no judgement, she’d just listen and that’s why she is admired by each and every one of us (though we would never came right out and say that), but we know it, and we respect her for that.


But sadly, there are people who don’t quite get her. To them she’s odd and therefore an easy target. We always do our best to protect her, but we all know how tongues wag. They don’t like her because she isn’t the same. I think they are jealous of her. She knows what they don’t, (and don’t ask me, I don’t know what she knows either), but those that are mean about her, I believe, feel jealous, like she’d cracked the code somehow and they can never have that ability for themselves. And they’d never get it because she’s one of a kind: Thoughtful, compassionate and unlike anyone I’d ever met.


She has it all – not money or a rich husband or a great family – but she knows something we don’t and even I envy her for that. But I’m not spiteful about it, I truthfully look up to her; this bad-ass strong woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She would always stand up for herself by using her mouth, and that’s the reason she was sniggered at behind her back because those girls never had the guts to confront my friend to her face. Because if they did, they knew, they would lose. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t like confrontation, (much), but she’d rather have that than the back stabbing because she never knew where she stood and that is what make’s her so frustrated, plus because she knows it’s going on. But, as no one had the backbone to say anything to her – because she would knock them down in one sharp swoop – it makes her feel powerless, sensitive, vulnerable. Yet, in all honesty, she’s as strong as a diamond.


Make of her what you will. To me though, she’s an animal, no, I mean primal; she does not even fear death. Maybe people are afraid of her – what might happen in her company: She see’s through people, you see; and what makes me laugh – is they and we, all know it!


She’s a good woman. And if anyone was to say a bad thing about her while I was around, they had better be quiet as I’d stick up for her, however different she is. Different is good and I like her. It’s the back-biters that ultimately lose out by not having her friendship. And in that, I take great comfort because she accepts me and the others the way we all are… And that makes us extremely fortunate to have her in our group.


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#FWF Free Write Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore

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4 thoughts on “She Knows What We Don’t

    1. Hi Heidi and so sorry for the late reply 🙂 Well, there are loads of women like this around. They are usually the ones that aren’t part of a big group, keep themselves to themselves, misunderstood even, though they have a very strong sense of who they are and even seen as weak when they are far from it. They are usually the ones that are bitched about when they are out on their own and those doing the bitching are in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s. And even though they have done nothing to deserve the spitefulness, they still are on the receiving end of it. That’s who these women are and I guess we all know one if we look closely enough 🙂 Thanks for reading the story and even more for taking the time to comment 🙂


  1. So much of this reminded me of myself and almost hoped someone would say these things about me lol! I love it! I love the rawness, the honesty and the form as well. You told me as if I were sitting with you face to face. I love that. Thanks for letting me in 🙂


    1. Hi Kellie 🙂 I always love to hear from you and sorry for the late response 🙂 I think, actually, I believe, that there are lots of women out there like the one the narrator is talking about. And it’s such a shame because women like that, if given the chance, make great friends but for some reason are pushed aside. Maybe its their ‘differences’ that make them like that and what a wonderful thing it would be if they all got together and were friends with each other; but if they were not so unlike then that wouldn’t make them who they are. I think these women are great and if others don’t see it, their loss, then at least these women can take comfort in seeing what they are themselves and be very proud of who they truly are! 😉


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