No Light

Grey, don’t go! Don’t leave me, you’ll die from the fire, please, I’m begging you, don’t leave me in here!”

Grey was trying to block his sister’s, Gem, terrified screams as he climbed the rope knowing she was right, he would be burned alive by the burning flame. He drops back down, too grieved by the thought of leaving Gem alone.

Grey, thank you, thank you!”

They both slumped down, defeated again and trapped. Gem puts a comforting arm around her brother.

Grey, the wind will come, see the light up there in the rock? It will blow out the flame and then we can get out of here!”

Gem, always the hopeful.

Grey knew better and says a silent prayer as he huddles with his sister.

“The wind will come Grey, you’ll see”.

He hasn’t the heart to tell her: It’s the air from the hole that is keeping the flame alive.

* * *

Prompt VisDare 57: Escape

Photo source here

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