Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 3)

Genre: Disturbing


WARNING: Please take caution as this story is intended for mature audiences only and not suitable for people under 18.


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* * * * * * *


Amy Lester sat silently in the leather chair opposite Dr. Rupert Somes, just a heavy wooden desk between them. She had no idea what to say to him, where to begin. Rupert watched as Amy sat almost childlike in his office; he was going to enjoy this.

* * *

Before the Amy’s tears came, she had startled Somes with the outburst of the question “Why? Why did he do this to me?”Flying hands accompanying her raised voice that has been just as animate. Then she burst into tears, her palms on her face as she just sobbed, loudly – too loudly for the Dr to bear. Handing her a box of tissues he gently told her he wanted to help, waiting to go back to that night as a way of confronting the ordeal so Amy will no longer be haunted. Of course, Somes just wanted a repeat performance of the young Kelly Rodgers so as to satisfy his ever-increasing fascination about rape. It was simple as that and no other way of putting it. He wanted to know more. He wanted to rape and dominate this Amy Lester, who sat in front of him now wiping away her tears.

* * *

“It started when I was young Dr. Somes, the rape 7 years ago just brought all the memories crashing back. I feel I was put on this earth to be violated, hurt and fearful”. Rupert listened. “My Step-Father, he would wait until my mother and baby brother was asleep, then he’d come in my room and sit right there on the bed next to my face, reeking of alcohol. And then he would begin touching me, where he didn’t have my permission. Until I was 16 this went on for, no-one there to help, nobody witnessing it, no-one to tell. Can you see Doctor? I’m a mess because of it and the horrible things I felt about myself came true – it happened again, this time, 7 years back attacked by some dirty, dirty, sick bastard of a filthy pervert. It brought it all back, the last 7 years being hell on earth for me, unable to hold myself together. I have no life, I just exist day-to-day doing the best I can, working to get the rent paid, the bills, eat. Why did this happen to me?”

* * *

The whole time Amy spoke there grew a knot in his stomach, pushing down on him – he pushes it down, stuffing it away from his mind, but the strength of it he felt and he had to get out of there. “Amy, you are doing well, very well” She just nodded, back in the childlike state she was in earlier. “You’ve let a lot come out and it’s my practice to let my clients sit with those feelings, really feeling them, by themselves for a minute or two – it’s part of the process. So I shall be back in a few moments and we’ll continue. You have done very well”. He smiled as warmly as he could at her. She nodded in agreement and he left the room to head straight for the restroom where he felt he would truly throw his lunch up into the toilet.

* * *

He sat on the closed lid of the toilet in the cubicle, blotting the sweat that had begun to form on his upper lip, forehead and temples, blotting them as he tried so hard to get himself together: His mothers face came into his mind over and over. He swore he would never let it affect him again, he buries it deep inside himself, forgotten. And now this sick creature in his office has bought the memories, the feelings surging back. ‘Damn her’ he spoke with fury in his mind. Why? Why now after 30 odd years are the memories of his Mothers torment gripping him so tightly? ‘It’s her, It’s Amy Lester causing this. I refuse to let this happen, let her control me like this, dominate me. I do the dominating’ he swore to himself. His anger and rage bubbling too close to the surface made his mind up for him – Amy Lester is going to die.

* * * * * * *

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*Read Part 2 Here


Story Prompt ‘3WW’ – ‘Three Word Wednesday’ by Thom G, using the words: Animate, Impassioned, Pervert.


Deutsch: Phrenologie
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4 thoughts on “Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 3)

    1. I don’t know how this is going to sound, but, I’ve seen a lot and heard a lot and nothing in human nature surprises me any more. Yes, I still get shocked and effected with what I hear, but what to expect – it just no longer surprises me. I’ll have to handle this one delicately still.


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