Our Liberty is Determined


Genre: Dystopian




They ruled us, made slaves of us, their own people, we, who shaped this country with our bare hands, putting dirt in its soil, sweating blood, making homes, making the rich richer and this is how they repay us. Enslaving their very children; our forefathers would be ashamed.

We came to the conclusion that without us there would be no land, no harvest from which they could fill their fat bellies, no mines to dig the precious stones and metals they so desired. We put our faith in these men and in return they gave us this: Poor shelter, confinement if we even stepped out of our own boundary, the boundaries they put in place to stop each of us communicating with the others.

Now the time has come and we joined forces: Men, women and even children from across this country to bring down a government so tyrannical in their rule, letting us starve and survive on the measly pennies they threw at us.

Once we were a rich nation full of abundance and wealth with a democracy; despite even then the apparent social unrest, but it got worse. As decades,half centuries and centuries went by, the country found themselves at war with even their allies. We lost.

The dictators piled in and took over our beautiful land and turned it into an unjust and unfair state, creating more poverty than any other nation had known. They were our new rulers now and many believed it was for retribution for how we kept ourselves in years gone by, nourished, clean, prosperous.

This is our story and this is how it ends:

We have formed together, killing the nation we once loved – one stone, one brick, one politician at a time. We are setting the standards for a new world to rule where we can say “This is what we built, this is how it should always have been, this is ours”.

WE no longer fear penalties as there wont be anybody left to distribute them. We are heading for freedom and that means battle and an end to this way of life.

The year is 2513, not the future that was envisioned in 2013. we were set for much bigger things: How they change so quickly and we never saw it coming. Now though we are armed, ready to take down the empire. Brothers, Cousins, Sisters and Friends in the few countries on this globe that is left – all ruled by the sadists that run our own very land, are taking a stand. We found a way to communicate with each other and it wont be before long we are back to better times.

I must rest now as the future needs strong-minded men. And united, we will rebuild this land and the whole planet that we will, again, call home.

* * * * *

Prompt #FWF ‘Free Write Friday’ Image prompt by Kellie Elmore. Image source here

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