Writing Self-Doubts

Writing Self-Doubts.

Today I am writing about ‘Not being confident enough to write a novel’. Why not? Because I read other authors work and start to feel very inferior. I think to myself that I cannot match some of my favourite storytellers and that it’s a whole load of a futile attempt to even get started.

My writing is suffering. I don’t believe in myself, I seem to have an imagination ‘block’; I want to read about published authors and their journeys, I need to find out ‘How’ To Write given I barely scraped through my English exams in school.

I ask myself the question.. “Who am I to write?” That’s not getting me far, so I guess a change of mid-set, and just going for it is what is needed. Hell, even my blog is suffering as a result of all this self-doubt.

Part of me wishes I would have gone to University, then at least I’d be able to write ‘easier’ because as it stands, I am not a confident writer.

I’m writing all this, believe it or not, for a post on my blog about this very topic. Hey, I may as well c/p this and be done with it. When in fact all I need TO DO is write the damn stories and stop feeling sorry for myself that I am not worthy, even good enough.

That plus the guilt for a story I started and decided to turn it into a book and no longer publishing next parts on my site. And the stuff I am coming up with now, is not that great – in my eyes.

There was a time I’d get a follower per story posted – that doesn’t happen any more. So, I NEED TO WRITE and stop fretting.

THIS is my warm-up, the story comes next. And I am going to read other authors Q & A sessions wherever I find them. Wish me luck!!

* * *

Write For 10 is a website for writing ‘Warm-Up’s’ in the space of 10 minutes. This post was written there – getting it off my chest basically – so as it was a topic I was going to write about anyway, I have literally c/p this straight ‘as-is’. It’s a great site, so here’s the link (just click on its name)…

Write for 10.com


10 thoughts on “Writing Self-Doubts

  1. Wow, Victoria! My jaw dropped, as I certainly didn’t believe such a talented writer would have these sorts of doubts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who reads work of other authors and thinks, “Maybe I’ll just put my writing in a drawer, never to be published, and live a more realistic life….” However, this just doesn’t make sense coming from you.
    Now, you can take my advice or leave it; After all, I’m not a published, best selling author (yet? one can hope…). But I do feel like self doubt is one’s biggest enemy. Talent can be polished through rigorous training and such, but it can’t be produced. Many people go to University and don’t necessarily come out being any more skilled than they were before. It’s all about what you put into it. Write for you. Write as if no one’s going to see it (so you’re not plagued by worrying about disappointing or offending someone), and then the revising, polishing, and editing can come later. I believe that the people who have zero self-doubt are the ones who, perhaps, don’t succeed because they’re unwilling to seek help. You’re grounded, and that’s a good thing, but you need not pummel your spirit into the ground. Maybe make a list of all your accomplishments- just sit down and say, “I don’t get to eat dinner until I write 30 reasons why I’m awesome.” Then, you can look at that list whenever your confidence wavers.
    Like I said, this may not be the most spectacular advice. Just whatever you do, don’t stop writing!


    1. Adelie, Thank you so, so much… I don’t know what happened to me, I got the self-doubt jitters and it’s been going on for a while to be honest. But… I love your reminder to write for no-one else but myself – exactly! So, I posted a far-out story because it’s what I do best and I enjoyed writing it! 🙂 Taking that burden away IS the key. I don’t want to be ‘told’ what and how to write (which is partly to do with what happened); we ALL have our unique style. Believe me, if I could keep my regular frame of mind constant, it would help as it would you too because you write beautifully. And on my list of Awesomeness – youl’d be up there at the top!! 😀 Thank you so much for helping me get back on my feet: I love to write stories and to do it to please others is well, soul destroying and a passion killer. You and Claudia (who came to my aid as well) have helped me beyond words and I cannot thank you and she enough. You’ve really boosted me. I’ll always be grateful for this… Thank You!! And you too remember that you have your own voice and don’t let anyone tell you different ❤ Are you Okay??


      1. I’m really glad I could provide some support, as you have done so many times for me! I really appreciate the kind words and advice as well. Thanks for asking if I’m okay! 🙂 It’s been quite hectic lately, but I’m learning to embrace those moments of peace and not to get too caught up in the chaos! ❤


        1. You really did help me Adelie. Sometimes I think we need a nudge from others that have felt the same at times to kick start us into gear again. Plus, I know you get plagued with self-doubt too when you shouldn’t and that’s exactly what you said to me. From that self-doubt melt-down I worked on my novel, stuck an A4 paper up on my wall with the words ‘Just Write!’ written on it, and just wrote a story on my website that actually made someone laugh!! I just don’t know where all of us writers’ self-doubt comes from, it’s crazy coz we all write okay. Maybe it’s to keep us humble? Anyway, you’re doing good to keep out of the chaos and embracing those peaceful moments as that’s the best way to cope with the other stuff – you’ve got the right attitude. Just keep well and, like me, keep on writing!! 🙂 ❤


          1. That paper you put up on the wall with “Just Write” seems like a wonderful idea, and I’m glad to see that you picked up steam again. *Btw, I hope you haven’t patented that idea or anything because I’m pretty sure I’m going to steal it from you!*
            I can’t wait to read that story and catch up on all of your other wonderful writing that I’ve missed. You bring up a good point about this self-doubt maybe serving to keep us humble. After all, I’d rather be humble than egocentric and arrogant! Once again, your energy and endeavors have inspired me! Thank you so much, again, for your tremendous support! 😀


          2. Nah, ‘Just Write!’ isn’t my baby – I actually got the idea off Kellie Elmore’s site who has a badge with those words on, which I too made my own version of and stuck it on my site as well as on the wall!! I’ve got your words up there too now – ‘Write for You!’ – and I can tell you something… they really do help loads and loads. Good to hear you back 🙂


  2. Trust me..once you get into the groove you won’t want to stop! Bring your novel into this dimension and just start writing. I have written several novels (not published) and just pulling a story together was hard but exciting too!


    1. Claudia, I can’t Thank you enough for coming to my aid. Your words have literally kick started my rear into continuing my novel. I’ve just sat for 30 minutes writing bits and bobs in my chosen program – which got set up about a month ago, it’s the one I finally decided on – and my story is coming together and I can’t believe it!! Thank You SOOOOOOOO Much 🙂 You are right – it IS exciting! I feel a great sense of accomplishment already for what I’ve done in the past few minutes. I can’t thank you enough, really 🙂 One question, out of curiosity, and you don’t have to answer if it’s a private matter, – how comes you’ve never published the books you’ve written?? I can help with that part if it’s what you’ld like to do….


      1. Sorry it took me so long to respond. But you have inspired me too. As I get older there are fewer paths to choose from. Writing is one of the few that allow me to both escape and make things up while I hone the craft. I have not attempted getting any of my novels published because Im always editing. Maybe we can talk sometime and I can let you know my storylines. But you make sure you keep tapping into that magic fountain of youth we call writing. Its a feeling most can’t understand.


        1. That’s what I think about getting on as well, there are fewer and fewer doors open; I’m like you, just glad I’ve got writing although that didn’t hit me until I got older, if age and missed opportunities hadn’t of happened, then neither would of this. It’s funny how we end up with what we were really supposed to do; that’s my theory anyway.

          I think regardless of how much we edit, we will never be 100% satisfied. I just posted a short story which had quite a few edits until I decided enough was enough. Saying that though, all work can be polished, there has just got to come a time where we say okay, I’m done and get it published.

          Yeah, sure, contact me whenever you wish, it will be nice to help and give you some feedback. If my email address isn’t visible, just let me know and I’ll post it to you. Just out of curiosity, are you in the USA or the UK?? I look forward to hearing about the stories you’ve got written and what’s happening in them.

          Me, I need to get the fun back in to writing. I loved it when I began. But, thankfully, with yours and Adelies encouragement, I wrote a fun, humorous piece… I think we all need writer friends to pull us out! Speak to you soon 🙂


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