‘Boat’ – Watch Out!

Genre: Humour/Humor

Sunday Prompt


‘Boat’ – Watch Out!


“Hey, Bob, take a look” Dave said on passing over the binoculars. “Tell me, what do you see?”

Bob was unusually quiet as he gazed at the view in front of him. Dave was getting impatient; “Well? What do you think it is?”

“To be honest Dave, I haven’t a clue – a ship?”, then passed the binoculars back.

“You idiot, of course it’s a ship. Some flipping genius you are” Bob muttered as he took another look. “This could be a tidy sum we’re looking at Bobby-boy. A very tidy sum”.

Finally Bob spoke. “If I were the captain of that ship, why would I leave her and what would I leave with her?”

Dave smiled at his friends words. ” My thoughts exactly. I say we get the boat and go take a looksy”.

And off they set.

“This is the Police! Get down, hands on your heads, Now!”

Bob and Dave were known to the Police as the thieves that they are, both with impending warrants for their arrests. The ship was a decoy.

“Robert McCormack and David Sculley; I am placing you both under arrest”.

Both prayed their transformations into good Christians while imprisoned would work again. It always did, every single time they went to jail, leaving early.

The officer in charge smirked at them. “By the way lads… In your cells this time? your reading material will no longer be a Bible!”.

Walking away laughing, he shouted over his shoulder “Do enjoy your stay at Her Majesty’s Pleasure!”

And with that, Bob and Dave looked at each other. And then the pair of them looked up at the sky in unison – and prayed!

* * *

Prompt: ‘Sunday Photo Fiction 18th May 2014








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18 thoughts on “‘Boat’ – Watch Out!

  1. I ran onto this after reading your 100-word story. This is NICE! I enjoyed the story, the dialogue, the plot. Everything worked. You really have been writing a long time, I can tell. Very good!


    1. Hello! I have been really taken aback in surprise by what you said and I wasn’t sure at all how to reply because in all honesty, I haven’t been writing that long. I always had an interest, but it has taken a while to actually do it. And with my story’s, sometimes I get it right and sometimes I just can’t. Two posts down from ‘Boat’ Watch Out’ you read – I wrote about my self-doubts as a writer. I was shocked too by the positive, boosting responses and as a friend said to me, I wouldn’t be bothered with those thoughts if I didn’t want to truly write. I’m just still very much learning. However… I really am so happy what you said because your words were a tremendous boost! If I could get all my story’s spot on like that one (and I didn’t realize it would be so positively received) I’d be over the moon. But, Thank You! πŸ™‚


      1. Listen, if in doubt about your story, ask for help with it in the intros. Our fictioneers are great and very helpful. For us, it’s not only in the presentation, but it’s about the presentation. We all want our stories to be good and it’s OK to post a clinker. Those can be fixed! Again, ask and you’ll receive. Why do you think FF is popular? πŸ˜‰


        1. Hi, sorry for the late response (life πŸ˜‰ Clinkers are Stinkers!! My awful one was taken down the other day it was so bad! πŸ˜€ Well, there were a couple of crits on two story’s and I did ask for help via which bits they referred to and on the other if she’d re-read after applying the advice, but I heard nothing back 😦 I think, if my memory serves me correctly, The Daily Post have a ‘Community Pool’ where others are happy to give their time and read over posts/story’s. On my about page I’ve also asked for feedback. Anyway, my butt just needs to sit and write however good or bad I think the story is: I’m still learning so all’s okay πŸ™‚


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