A Mothers Venom

Hello All! This is a short story, just 400 words. Telling a tale in which I’ve also taken a look at the conscious awareness of the world in which we live.

Sad child.
Sad child. (Photo credit: apdk)

A Mothers Venom 


All she did was spite her daughter, the one she left in the Fathers care at the mini age of just 4.

Eva’s Mother left her as she was in love with another man who lived in another country. To her, he was more important than her daughter.

How can a woman pick a man over her own child?

She got her comeuppance though when the bloke had enough of her and filed for divorce.

But did she go back for her daughter? No. Instead her energy went into her other daughter, Sophie: And her love interests.

As the years went by, her Mother had wanted nothing at all to do with Eva, hell, even Sophie shunned her half-sister… And the rest of the family members could never understand why – because we weren’t made that way to treat people like that.

All we knew, was this woman – and her ‘new’ daughter – were one heck of a heartless, venomous and selfish pair. All they cared about, deep down, was themselves and money. But…

…Now even Sophie wants nothing to do with her Mother – who became a raging alcoholic – so suddenly, poor Eva, who was never loved or cared for by her Mother, is now on the receiving end of her torrent of abuse one minute, kindness the next and then her nasty spite.

Eva is 51 years old: She just still wants her Mothers love.

We cannot take Eva’s pain away, but what we can, and do, do is give her our love, no strings attached – totally unconditional.

If only her Mother could see what all of us see. Because to me, she is the best cousin/sister in the world, and likewise, niece to my Mum and Dad. (I regard her as my sister).

Her Mother doesn’t deserve her. But, at least Eva has us: And there’s more than enough love to be given still!

It’s just so surprising to me how very different members of the same family actually are…. Like ‘Chalk & Cheese’, ‘With a heart’ to ‘Having no compassion’.

We all have our own story’s about our family members; you know, the ones that are cast aside, the black sheep, the disapproved of… Yet we are all of the same blood.

If the members of the same family can’t even get along, how do we expect the world ever to be able to?*

*I’ll leave you to ponder on that one.

* * * * *

A Self Prompted Story: ‘Exploring Motherly Love’. Feel free to use this prompt, all I ask is that you credit it back to me. Thanks!

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