Kitty & The Well



 Genre: Humour/Humor


 64 06 June 15th 2014


Kitty & The Well


Kitty stretched away her morning stiffness along with a big yawn as she came out of her slumber.

Lazily, kitty made her way through the house and into the garden. The flower bed was where she was heading, you know, to do her ‘business’.

Well, Kitty had a shock when she saw someone else had got their first. She swore under her breath at the monstrosity that stood in her spot.

“This will not do”, Kitty thought.

Having neatly covered her morning offering with soil, she decided to try and see what this thing was, after all if they were going to share the same flower bed they may as well be acquainted.

Kitty is a Cat; Cats take their time.

And 20 minutes later she was finally done sniffing the object.

“What’s this?” Kitty pondered. She was up on her back feet peering into some darkness that this thing possessed.

More sniffing, more peering. Even with her eyes she could not see what was at the bottom. Kitty suddenly became very nervous; she only had one life left.

After much thought, she decided not to risk jumping down into the hole to explore. But, with all this excitement, she had worn herself out.

Back in her cozy bead, yawning once more, she curled herself into comfort. She would somehow get to the bottom of this.

“The Dog! Of course!” Kitty thought before she dozed off. “He’d be game enough to go down the hole to investigate!”.

She’ll fill him in on her ‘find’ next time she wakes.

But for now, Kitty needed her rest. After all, she had to muster up enough energy to trick the dog into going down that Well for her.

And with that last thought, Kitty peacefully dozed off.


* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction 15th June 2014



10 thoughts on “Kitty & The Well

    1. Hahah, Thanks Al! 😀 Kitty is a naughty girl that’s for sure; poor Dog doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for! I’m so glad you liked it – you got the humour out of me yet again!! How are you doing this!! 😀 Scott’s so far is the only one up and his was really funny!! Well, you brighten up my Sunday’s big time!! 🙂


    1. They sure are indeed! 🙂 I was just remarking how they know exactly how to turn on the charm to get what they want: Mine, as docile as he is, has mastered the ‘puppy dog eyes’ look. He’s even tricking me now as I write this – one hand typing, the other stroking! 😀 They are so not stupid!! 😀


    1. I’ve had Cat’s all my life and know only too well indeed how crafty they can be! 😀 My Cat now, for example, he knows exactly how to get what he wants, he laps on the guilt using his ‘puppy dog eyes’ and even knows how to use that to his advantage to get me off his rival, the computer! 😀 They ‘Own’ us – and they know it, but lets us think it’s the other way round probably for their amusement!! 😉 I still can’t help but love them! 🙂 ‘The Cat’ knows every trick in the book!! 😉


    1. Hi Scott! I didn’t even notice I did that! 😀 But looking back, the non mention of it maybe made us just as mystified as Kitty was; then mentioning it at the end not only tied up what Kitty was looking at, but further illustrated how cunning she really was – you know, to trick the dog to go in there, so she knew the whole time it was a Well.

      See, Kitty had us fooled too! Even me, and I was the one who wrote the story! 😀

      Glad you like it!! 🙂


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