This Blog’s 1st Year Anniversary!

Picture of shampaige (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture of shampaige

 Genre: Non-Fic Writing Related

Today, WordPress sent me a ‘Happy Anniversary’ note to mark my 1st year, on this day, that I began writing this blog. Okay, I had a six month break, but still ‘Victoria.K.Gallagher’ has reached its 1st year!! 

I never thought that I would learn so much, enjoy writing so much, seeing my writing getting better and meeting so many great people.

Starting this Writing Blog last year was a good decision and venture that I began and have stuck with.

I know I go very ‘quiet’ at times, but hey – I’m a creative type which doesn’t always come when summoned!

Nonetheless, I’m happy, I will be keeping this blog going and see what more happens! And of course, Thank You to everyone who ever reads my words – It is always appreciated!

~ Victoria 🙂


All words welcomed :)

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