World Cup Digression: Apologies & Injustice

World cup England
World cup England (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I cannot believe the performance of a certain team – mine – in this years World Cup. I am utterly disgusted with England’s play. ‘We’ invented the game, football/soccer is England’s National Sport – and this is how we justify paying 10’s of thousand’s of pounds each week to individual players who let us down every single major tournament there is? It leaves a bad, bad feeling in me.

I’ve been following the World Cup, watching every game when possible, and I have to say the class of some of the teams are just amazing. I’m watching ‘Mexico-Holland’ right now and the skill with which is being played, it is no wonder England never even made it to the final 16, I’m not surprised at all: The teams that made it through are in a completely different league altogether.

England didn’t stand a chance.

Very frustrating, but despite our never-dying hopes, this is what has become to be expected: Sad, but True.

Who do I want to win? The team that plays the best and therefore is the most deserving; simple as that.

The frustration is prevalent; not only because we played shit, but how much our players are being paid – there is NO justification in that. I’m so annoyed, mad, angry. I’ll continue to watch the matches as some teams play very beautifully and for that reason, it’s good to kick back and enjoy the rest of the excitement from the comfort of the living room.

Apologies for my lack of posts, I have a lot going on and my writing had to take a back seat. I plan on writing some stories asap, along with working on my book too, so please don’t go anywhere… not just yet!

~ Victoria 🙂



2 thoughts on “World Cup Digression: Apologies & Injustice

  1. Only Brazil (twice) and Spain (in South Africa) are, I think, the only countries to EVER win a world cup in “non-home” (ie England in Europe, Brazil in N/S. America), so England were never going to win it. BUT they should have progressed from the group.

    Yes, other players for other countries stepped up, but there should have been enough desire and ability in the English lads to do the same, especially when you consider that the potential pool for players so favours England – Uruguay AND Costa Rica have COMBINED populations of less than LONDON. That’s embarrassing. But then what do the USA usually do with their abundance of numbers regarding football possibilities? So it’s not just that.

    I think England players and fans spend 3.9 years thinking realistically, that England won’t reach even the semi-final, but then three days before the World Cup kicks off everyone suddenly thinks it’s the best set of players since… well, since the last-best set of players. I don’t think, deep down, they believe they CAN win, and that’s half the battle lost, so when it comes to the do or die moment the fire/belief simply isn’t there to call on.

    Anyhoo, at least with them home early it removes that TEENY back-of-brain thought that maybe… just maybe… and England fans can sit back and watch the others play. That’s what I’ve tried to do anyway, but when you see teams fielding players who are on the books of clubs that got relegated from the premier league, or play for the likes of Forest (no offence to Forest fans), or are currently without a club, and yet they are still in the tournament long after the “Lions” have departed, it does make you wonder whether there is something fundamentally wrong with the set-up and players.


    1. Hi Dave, sorry my internet connection went down – that’s England punishing me for my post 😉

      I agree totally with what you said: 1st – we all know deep down Eng hasn’t a chance in hell, but right before the tournament starts, we do get excited and think that maybe there is a chance – I was in that group, especially when they started off on the attack in their first game, and for all of 10 minutes they looked on fire giving us hope.

      They just don’t have enough fight in them, to me, they played a very lazy few matches and I just wanted to kick them up their arse’s and play with a lot more punch and attitude – but they didn’t. And the thing is, Joe Hart – the man is the only one that’s got the most passion which he tries revving the team up with before they go out… all of the players should have that attitude and gusto. It’s like they give up before they even start.

      The guys after the matches discussing Eng’s playing put it rightly so when they said that England players lack ‘The Killer Instinct’… Plus, the amount of goals that were set up, with no-one waiting in the box to score it, pissed me off to the hills… I mean, what the hell is wrong with them?

      Roy Hodgson has got as much passion and zeal in him as a wet towel, and with a manager like that, how did anyone expect them to go further… I know he picked a ‘young’ team, but him saying, when it was all over, that it’s good ‘practice’ for the team infuriated me even more.

      Well, the Cup is on Brazilian turf, they are expected to win… But after watching the Mexico-Holland game and what happened…. it could be any ones, so I’ll refrain from guessing and just enjoy the game 🙂


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