A Dangerous Game


Here’s another one of Angela’s great photo prompts, enjoy the story!

VisDare68: Precarious

A Dangerous Game

Philip Smith was approaching the Final of the Grand Master Chess tournament and he needed to win the money, bad.

“Hello Mr. Smith, I’ve come to help you. My name, Sir, is Diablo.”

Philip sold his soul in exchange for a different perspective on his upcoming match to defeat his opponent. The other guy was good and Philip needed to see through his competitors strategy to ensure the prize money would be his.

(My friends, look at the photo – That was the new perspective Diablo had given him).

“Okay! I give up my ability to play Chess at all, Diablo, as long as you return my perspective to me”

Diablo granted the request. Philip returned, right-side up. And he also played in the Chess final… But he won.

He did not understand how that was possible, until he checked his bank balance. No money from the win was in there.

Diablo appeared…

“Where is my money!”

The Devil smiled.

“Did you honestly believe you could bargain with me?”

“I said I’d lose my ability to play Chess!” Philip screamed.

“Yes, that’s right, you did…. But your soul? You should have asked for me to return that to you instead”

Philip then realized, he had played his last, final game.

And lost.

* * *


2 thoughts on “A Dangerous Game

  1. I was reminded of a song called Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh all about the devil playing chess for God for someone’s soul. Have included a link I’ve found if you fancy taking a look (although listening to it again now, they start off by playing cards, the chess bit is almost a throwaway line at the end!)

    Anyway great idea that works well!


    1. Hi Sarah 🙂 Apologies for replying so late, it really has been a stressful time.

      I listened to the Chris de Burgh song and it’s Fantastic! I Love songs that are sung as a story and I can very well see the reference to my story. I never knew Mr.De Burgh sung like that, we only ever heard a handful of his songs growing up which were all ‘Pop-py’ tunes, I really liked it. And, Thank You for taking the time to not only read my story and like it, but to find this song for me to listen to, I really appreciate that 🙂 So Thank You and again, apologies – you may not even remember! – but, it’s always important for me to reply to all comments, even if it’s a late one 😉


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