The Evil That Finds Me

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while – I live in an Amusement Park!

Here’s a tale that just might make you think, a little maybe! 😉

VisDare 69: Vigilant

Thank you Angela for another cracking picture prompt! (source here).

* * * * *


The Evil That Finds Me


I’m hanging on to every breath I take, the beating of my heart pounding in my chest.

I can hear their howls, the demonic noises coursing through my blood, fracturing my bones.

I cannot make a sound.

I cannot move until I hear them at a distance. I need to get back, and return quick to my own realm, not this, not theirs, not this….

I hear a sound, my breath holds. Then a hand grabs me, yanking me with its force to my knees, until I am at its foot.

“Little, light one” it snarls down on me. I cannot look. This is it. Me. I’m theirs.

Thunder booms and cracks like fire and ice. The Heaven I know begins to fade, leaving me, I cannot control…


The air begins to glisten.

The Demon releases its grip. It screams, piercing my ears with so much pain, then its last breath is gone .

I am being gently pulled. Back, back toward the light, back toward my realm.

Angels cradle all around me. I am back!

Back behind that very thin line: That thin line which separates good and evil.

Forever, I shall now tread very carefully.


* * *





2 thoughts on “The Evil That Finds Me

    1. Hi Claudia 🙂 I’m so sorry for this really late reply, it has been an incredibly stressful time and getting story’s out alone has been hard, but I make it my business to always reply to comments I get as it’s important.

      ‘The Evil That Finds Me’ story is a little dip into the ‘Spiritual’ genre and it was good, but scary, to write it! Though I appreciate very much that you liked it and thought it was a good one frome me. Ah yes, the tug of war between Good & Evil, prevelant in areas unconnected yet still the same. It is hard to be good, and sometimes when all you do is to be the best person that you can be somehow has a habit of going unoticed, even backfiring: It’s a difficult balancing act with all the grey inbetween. But that’s what makes us Human, we are certainly not perfect…I think God experienced evil/bad and as a representation of him/her we too experience it, if that makes sense?

      You’ve left me with a criptic head scratch by one of your sentences: “Good is never easy. Maybe we don’t want it to be”… I’m left in a conundrum on that line!! 😀 If you have a chance to explain, I’d love a delve into what you meant because it is very intriguing!! 😀 😀 😀


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