She Comes

Genre: Supernatural 



She Comes


She has finally come for me. I know now that the day I’ve avoided 10,000 years has arrived.

There she stands speaking with her simple stare.

She penetrates in to me, reflecting back what my soul is.

I am trying to place a psychic barrier between us: She breaks through with ease. I place a white light around me: She still remains.

I thought I was immortal, but for that one good deed I done, this is my punishment.

I should have let my Sister die.

We live to maim, to kill, to destruct, to curse all we meet: We are the Evil Ones.

Yet for eternity I will suffer every wrong deed I have done to others – but each and every single one 10 times its fold… Over and over again.

As I mentally accept my fate, The Black Eyed Angel she swoops down on me and I am pulled to Hell:

I should have let my Sister die.


* * *

Thank You Angela Goff (website here) for this weeks corker of a photo (source here) in our Wednesday VisualDare, this week it’s #72: Rejection! Lots of fun as always; any writers out there, check out her site to catch the weekly Photo Challenge, it’s always a creative picture I can assure you!!

And if you liked my story, please do let me know what you think, where I went wrong – or right! – and give me a little like if it was a pleasing/intriguing/________? read! Thanks and good wishes!! 🙂 ❤











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