Why I am a Bad Writer

I will tell you why I am a Bad Writer, and this was pointed out to me in an article which I read, and the guy who wrote it did not mince his words…. And there are a few reasons as to why I am labelling myself this ( and the article author is too 😉 My piece here focuses on the words of my straight-talking friend – and there’s a funny bit too where I thought to myself “You’re a fine one to talk” which I’ll mention in a bit.

So, first on the list is:

Number 1: Procrastination

Anyone felt this? – I’m sure a few of you may have just said ‘Yes’ to that. That is my worst habit and makes me ‘My Own Worse Enemy’. I’m thinking too that it may tie in with my crippling self-doubt, but I can’t really use that as an excuse, and I’ll tell you why: Because I Love to write, simple as that. The story I just wrote titled ‘She Comes’ began with me being in a very low mood that did get reflected in the piece, but what came after hitting the ‘Publish’ button was interesting – my mood lifted considerably. I put that down to the following:

  • Expressing my mood using a fictional story
  • Great satisfaction in hitting ‘Publish’
  • That I accomplished something from start to finish
  • Interacting with others who are writing from the same prompt

These four things made a difference. If that is the case then… Why the heck am I not writing every day? Why have I not touched my WIP novel for weeks? And why am I not consistently writing on this blog of mine? Because, my friends, I Procrastinate. And according to article buddy, that makes me a bad writer, and, before anyone jumps to my defence, I agree with him, it is an awful trait especially for a writer:

The second thing he mentioned was also this:

Number 2: Not Enough Networking

I have had in the pipeline a blog post to write on the importance of Networking, yet I am guilty of not doing it enough – it’s true. My main SN ( Social Network ) is Google+, I’m on it, I’ve made friends, I’ve joined ‘Writing Communities’ but I don’t go on G+ enough… and that hacks me off ( back to the ‘Own Worse Enemy’ again ). There are some great, great people who are in my circles – mostly other writers – and I get given advice and support: But do I check in everyday to connect with those I follow and who follow me? No. And I am furious with myself for that. So my blunt article writer pointed that flaw out too.

   See, I fell into writing, it wasn’t a hobby as such, more of an interest, and I haven’t been writing long, but it’s only in the last 6 months that the light bulb has come on and I see clearly that it is even more than a hobby, I simply  love to write and it now is a major part of my life. But, But, But… Not doing the above two things is hindering me – I’m hindering my progress as well and my growth as a writer… And that’s not good. A writer friend once said to me after a passionate email I wrote to him regarding writing; and he said to me, “Victoria, if you weren’t serious about being a writer, you wouldn’t be so hung up about this subject”…. So the desire, passion, love of it is there…

On a positive note, and coming back to the article writer, I am doing some things right:

I Read A Lot

This chappy said that any writer who is worth their salt must, must, read, and not just the same genres you like, but to venture out and sample all: Now that point does go in my favour – I do read a variety of genres, not just that but lots of different writing styles too, and I do feel I am learning something new all the time plus getting immense enjoyment,( ahem…depending on the story and author of course ). But, as I dip into it all, that’s a tick on matey’s list.

The one that made me laugh was the subject of…

Typos, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, etc…

Yes, those are important – highly – and me personally, I work hard on spotting errors before I publish… I’m not perfect in this area, but I do my best. But this guy, geez, he had mistakes in more than one place – the words “That’s Rich” came to mind.

To wrap up….

Writing can be hard, I know I’m not the only one who struggles – unless you are Stephen King and Patti Larsen who can knock out books in a month, but I digress – so is it just a simple, plain old case of getting priorities in order? It probably is, that and a hefty dose of:

  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Habit Forming
  • Being Brave

If those are there then there wouldn’t be so many issues for me, maybe for you. Though, at this moment in time – I Am a Bad Writer!

I hope you enjoyed my post, leave me a comment in the box below, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts and lets all work on what each of our individual handicaps are and see if we can improve them!

All the best,

Victoria 🙂



4 thoughts on “Why I am a Bad Writer

  1. You are A writer. Don’t label yourself bad, even jokingly. Just work on improving. Plus, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us have those very same issues. We simply need to work on them. 8^>


    1. Hi there Dave… Sorry for the late response, I got caught up in the chaos that i surrounding my existence at the moment and had to put things on hold, so I sincerely apologize for the late reply, but appreciate your words immensely 🙂

      I mean, reading through what this article author had to say, I am a ‘Bad ‘Writer’… Thank you for saying that I AM a Writer, and putting things into perspective, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some people may write religiously on a daily basis but it doesn’t mean that their work is any good, does it? I think this chappy got under my skin a bit, then had the nerve (it is funny) to preach about typos, grammar etc.. then have his article filled with many more than one!:-D

      When I began this blog it was merely to improve my writing, learn from others and really stretch my capabilities and I feel I am fulfiling that; it’s actually gone further than I thought it would. I’m always going to write about my writing woes – it helps get them off my chest. But it’s from people like you who tae the time to give a show of support that makes my endevours in writing that bit easier… So thank you, not only to have read my post but comment on it too. And for that I am grateful 🙂


  2. I think you are no different than most other writers out there. We get busy, we have primary jobs, we have family and cleaning and a thousand excuses that hold us back from what we love to do. And we justify our side steps by using the same (legitiate) excuses. But let me tell you. In the last few weeks I have had a resurgence of energy in writing /editing my latest novel. I have others that needed work, but I decided this first draft would never do. So I broke up my novel into chapters, and found the more I worked on it the lighter the workload became. I dug around for quotations to open each chapter, again, the more I researched the more excited I became.

    You ARE a good writer — especially because you LOVE doing it. Give yourself a chance! Take one step at a time. Make a plan…then each day do one step. You will find that the more slack you cut yourself, the more you get lost in your writing world, the more hooked you will get.

    Don’t give up!!


    1. Claudia, you speak words of great wisdom. Thank you for saying such positive things to me, of encouragement and support. I’ve been hard on myself all my life which doesn’t help at all.

      I get spats like that too when a rush of energy comes over me and I do a reasonable amount of writing, not usually for a few weeks, more like a couple of day/s/nights where I manage to write 2 or 3 pieces. Anyhow, I’m loving your enthusiasm for your book – a quote at the start of each chapter sounds fantastic! not just that, I think that because you are taking your time, paying attention to detail, it’s putting you in good stead. And like you said, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as we go at a pace that suits us, that’s all that matters. It’s great to hear that your book is coming along so well… I am still intrigued – is it a thriller, romance, zombie-warewolf saga? (I’m just kidding), still, any hint of a genre??!!?

      I won’t give up… it’s been so stressful for a while now, like I said though, writing a story and conveying my feelings into a work of fiction and finishing it by hitting ‘Publish’ brings huge relief but most importantly joy and a sense of achievement… I’m so glad I found writing! 🙂


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