Beauty is in the Flesh

Genre: Disturbing/Dark

150 words




Beauty is in the Flesh


I stare, move my head from side to side and ponder that this is a new angle from which I have never seen my beauty.

Perhaps if I kiss this mirror my reflection will be me, as I am, so very pretty.

I kneel and I kiss.

I close my eyes excited to see that me, I change the way I am looking in this shiny object.

I take a breath and….

I look ugly! Why is this not showing my beauty?!


She’ll come running in a moment to me, me who is her little, beautiful princess.

“Mommy, this mirror I look ugly in, why Mommy?”

Then she explains that what I see is the reflections fault and that I am indeed pretty and beautiful.

Mommy always makes me feel better.

I stand up to go back into the house. But first I must do something.

I cough, and then at the horrid mirror, I spit my phlegm.

* * *


VisDare 75: Enamoured. Pop over here for weekly photo prompts! photo source here


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