Bob, Dave and the ‘Find’ of the Century!


Genre: Humour/Humor


A "pay per view" telescope looking out to sea



Bob, Dave and the ‘Find’ of the Century!


After their brush with the law, Bob and Dave decided it was time to leave the south of portsmouth and head north to escape.

They went to Scotland.

“Dave come over here”



“Because, and?”

“I’m sure I’ve just discovered the Loch Ness Monster”

Bob had been peering through the telescope for about an hour, using up all the 10 penny pieces gotten from his and Daves ‘Pay-Phone robbery’ earlier that day.

“Dave, I’m telling you – it is the Nessy Monster”

Pulling himself up and thinking to himself his friend had truly lost his mind, he went to join Bob, if anything, for a quiet life.

“Look straight ahead without moving the lens and you’ll see her”

Dave took to the telescope.

“What the Heck!”

“See! I told you!” Bob beamed, unable to contain his excitement.

“It is ‘She’, the great beast. And it was Us that found her!”

Dave was pale as he pulled away from the lens.

“Bobby-boy, we got to go out there and catch it before anyone else does”

“I’ll man the boat, you get the net”

Dave returned to look.

“We need a flipping harpoon you idiot, not a net!”

With that, Bob and Dave continued on with their thieving ways to steal a boat equipped with all the neccesaties required for their grand mission.

But what they didn’t know, the Loch Ness Monster they were going to hunt?….Was nothing more than finger marks on the lens of the telescope.

Appparently it was a trick the local seamen conjured up. And the two thieves fell for it.

The Moore’s men were sure going to enjoy watching this specatcle!


* * *

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Thanks to Mr. Alistair over at my very much loved weekly dose of ‘Sunday Phto Fiction’ which he creates for us! You too can get your weekly fix by visiting his site here

Click on the blue froggy guy for more doses from Al’s writers….


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