My Beautiful Swan

Genre: Romance



Framed Swans

ORIGINAL ARTWORK. ‘Used by Permission’ Copyright- Rochelle Wisoff-Fileds. view here! 


My Beautiful Swan


He makes my heart a flutter.

He steals a kiss when I expect it the least.

I love his hands, so warm and gentle.

His grinning and smiling makes me know I love him.

He teases me so funnily, with his one-liners.

He laughs at my stupidity and say’s it’s okay to be nuts: And for that, I love him even more!

He accepted me from the beginning, grew me, nurtured me, loved me.

Like the male and female Swans in this picture, my mate he is for life.

I know I got the picture prompt wrong… Forgive me.

For sharing this story meant more and worth every word.

Thank you!


* * *

This story prompted by the lovely Rochelle for our Friday Fictioneers. View the prompt and site here

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22 thoughts on “My Beautiful Swan

        1. Hi Rochelle! I had no idea you drew the Swans, it is absolutely beautiful ! 🙂
          I am putting the credit promptly on the pic….Thank you for sharing your sketch as that was the prompt that so inspired me! 🙂


          1. Hi Rochelle! Fantastic! I loved it so much and it gave me a chance to write about my beloved that meant so much to me to express in words! All sorted now, copyright to you is up as well as your permission to use it! 🙂
            Thank You!

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Okay–nice story, but the original photo prompt has swans in it too. Why not just use that? Be sure you put the proper copyright info on the sketch that you posted. It happens to have been drawn by a friend of mine. I’m sure you checked with her to get permission to post it. Just cover your bases and put the necessary credits in now so there won’t be any issue going forward. (We bloggers have to watch out for one another, don’t we?)

    Keep writing!

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


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