The Silent Moon

Genre: Variety Fiction, Psychological



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The Silent Moon


I look up at the moon and wonder to myself if he is as stuck as I am, unable to move from his spot just like me. I wonder if he can see me as clearly as I can see him?


I feel like the moon, stationary in place: I too can only gaze – except he does it from up there and I do it from this tiny window.


I left behind an open expanse of green where I could wander and play, forage, and enjoy my adventures with freedom. That was then, at my old home, then my masters moved here, to this new ‘home’.


I know that until my scent has been spread around this ‘place’, and I am accustomed to my surroundings, will I then be finally able to go out and begin my new adventures.


Though until that time, while I am imprisoned, I am like the moon: quiet and still, and silently gazing.


* * *

VisDare 89: Aware…. Thank you Angela Goff! visit her here




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