The Final Goodbye

Genre: Tragedy, Psychological


The Final Goodbye

“We could have gone there, you know? Seen the falls, breathed in the water air, if you hadn’t of wrecked everything”

“I tried Jay, I really tried”

“Not hard enough, Melissa. Why? Just tell me that at least”

“I was working, it got late. What do you want me to say?.. ‘Oh, shoot, my marriage is a wreck, my husband is having an affair, so I’ll just screw my boss to get even’… Is that a ‘why’ enough reason for you?”

“My affair just happened, yours was intended!”

“And there’s a difference?! You’ve got some nerve Jay, you really have”

“At least I admitted it! But You? I had to find out from your bosses wife, of all people!”

“We’ve been over this. Our marriage was failing anyway Jay. By the time you were sleeping with ‘her’ – we’d already fallen apart”

“So that’s it? We’re through for good?”

“Let’s just get the divorce papers signed and go our separate ways”

“14 years just gone?”

“Yeah, gone”

“I thought we’d last”

“Well, some things just can’t be fixed”

“I still love you Melissa”

“Jay, don’t. There’s too much water under the bridge now. Look, I’ve got to go. The divorce papers will come through, so just call me then, okay? I’ll see myself out. Goodbye Jay”

“Melissa, wait”

“Jay, I’m tired, what is it?”


And he smashed her skull to pieces.

* * *

Prompt from this weeks ‘Sunday Photo Fiction’ right here


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