The Ideal Writing & Posting Apps for Android

I’ve been looking for decent apps on Android to use for writing posts.

Now, my attempts at using Google docs has been, shall I say, a pain in the arse. Freezing, not syncing on my laptop properly – unable to even edit properly , no word count, inability to add images… And the complete f*** up of my tablets keypad causing me to swear profusely from sheer annoyance at its continued ‘malfunction’, so I have to find an alternative…..

Hallelujah!… I have found one… And this is my test piece. 🙂

Low and behold this actually works! I edit and polish on my laptop regardless of what I use (except for Live Writer at times, but Microsoft haven’t updated it since 2012 and it’s getting a bit old) And the Power Writer app allowed me to share this post to my WordPress app and I’m editing this from right there which has configuration for posting as drafts.

This is very close to ideal, although I’ve only tested 75% of what both these apps in conjunction can do, but so far, so good.

Here are the apps for your reference: Power Writer by HLY and WordPress by Automattic.

Now I shall check my laptop…..(this is in real-time) and my shared draft from Power Writer to WordPress has been a complete success! – now all I have to do is click update and I’m done.

Writing on the tablet is much quicker using a gesture-swipe keypad along with it being more comfortable if you want to lounge while you write 😉


All words welcomed :)

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