The Trumpeter’s Secret!

Genre: Psychological, Variety Fiction



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The Trumpeter’s Secret!

I’ve led a long and pleasurable life, and learned life’s biggest lesson…:

…(I’ll ease it to you now): There is no need to worry!

What ever is going to happen will happen anyway, so why trouble yourself by worrying?! You can’t change what life has for you…

Your spouse is your spouse; Your kids are your kids: Love and accept them… That’s all that’s needed!

People are people – always have been and always will be….

All around there is ‘this’ happening and ‘that’ happening… Don’t worry! It all happens whether you do or you don’t!

High’s and low’s?.. Relax, they happen to us all…

So, now, I shall kick back, lay in the sunshine on this cloudless day, and play my music: I might get a dollar, I might get a dime, I may get nothing… But, what I do know I’ll get is joy… So, why would I worry?!

Payment from life isn’t just in diamonds and gold and coins… It’s what comes from living with a peaceful mind…

And ‘That‘ is life’s most bountiful lesson!


* * *

Thank You Angela Goff here for this weeks VisDare writing challenge!


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