The ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ Address

Genre: Science Fiction



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The ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ Address

“Welcome, welcome, to the future that is Binary-Genetic Engineering!

Here at the Institute of Ne Plus Ultra Perfection, we are incredibly excited to announce that what was once a mere idea in one of sciences greatest mind, has now become a reality!

My friends: The prototype that begun this expansion on nature just one decade ago – Yes, just 10 years ago – is finally now ready for its grand launch to the world in a few short days!

Model XJ-2251 came out of its Beta testing stage a few months ago and I’m overjoyed to say that there has been no glitches in its system!

We have created the perfect Woman. Men no longer need contend with the associated trivialities and annoyances of human women. No, all that is past, and Model XJ-2251 is just the beginning, the here and the now…. the future.

So, to all my friends and colleagues who made this dream possible, please, raise your glasses…’To reality, and to the present’ and may all Men prosper with longevity and eternity!….Cheers”


* * *

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Excuse me! This is my Ancestry!

Genre: Humour/Humor


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Photo by – © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Excuse me! This is my Ancestry!


The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art, but It’s homage to my Tribal bloodline. Why shouldn’t I display my Great x 1000 Grandfather with his trusty compadre – ‘Strong Buffalo that Nods’ – in my front garden? I really don’t see the harm in it personally.

My ancestor – ‘Clever Eagle that Winks’ – was one of the strongest, bravest and most fearless warriors of his tribe: And I’ll be damned if Ms.Peabody thinks I’m taking him down.

With his sharp eye, he could spear a fish from 100 yards away; unlike nowadays where you can get an already filleted fish from the local supermarket. My heart swells with pride just looking at him.

Knowing one’s roots is important. I think the neighbors are just jealous. After all, can they say one of their ancestors built the biggest Reservation in all of America? I doubt it, and I’m so sure of that, I’ll go as far as to say I’ll bet my last Dime on it!


* * *

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Ghostly goings-on’s!

Genre: Humour/Humor, Paranormal/Supernatural


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Ghostly goings-on’s!


“You know what they are for, don’t you?”

“They are Wind-Chimes, they make a lovely dinging sound when there’s a breeze blowing”

“Nah-ah, that’s not what they’re used for. The real purpose of them is to ward off spirits”

“What, like, ‘dead-people’ spirits?”

“Yep. See that house across the road there? That’s where 4 family members were butchered and decapitated”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. And what they say is their spirits never left the house and anyone who moves in, they get them out”

“That’s scary”

“Six families have lived there and left in the past 2 years”

“Are you serious?”

“Ah-ha. And these Wind-Chimes are protection from their spirits”

“Why would my house need protecting when it was there that the murders took place?”

“Coz it was the fella who lived here before you that killed them”



“What happened then to him?!”

“Oh, he died last week – got the death penalty”


“Yup. So for yours and your family’s sake – never take them Wind Chimes down, because he just might want his house back too” 🙂


* * *

180 words

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The Dead Earth

Genre: Dystopian/Apocalyptic, Tragedy


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Photo – © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The Dead Earth


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, the vegetation was lush, green and abundant: Then it changed.

Pollution, Chemical Spills and Acid Rain Storms killed off all what we had. Farms and crops and livestock – dead. There was nothing left to feed on and millions died.

The water from our rivers and lakes are now poison to our flesh. The air is so thick with deathly chemical waste that gas masks we wear day and night.

None of us know how long we’ll survive.

This wasn’t an accident: For decades there were warnings – all which went ignored. They knew this would happen and Campaigning did little, though it was fought tirelessly.

And, this now, is the result of man’s greed. The lust for power and wealth. What can man do with that now?

It’s over.

This is what the Earth has become… permanently uninhabitable: Dead.


* * *

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The Soul Pushers

Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural



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The Soul Pushers


“Why do they always insist on holding onto that tree: They can’t stay forever: They’re going to have to eventually pass into the light, or rather the dark, as in their case:.. Every single time we must endure this”

“Well, they don’t want to let their souls go: too afraid of what lies ahead of them”

“They are going to have to face their futures in Hell at some point”

“Yeah, and that’s the problem”

“Well, dismembering bodies, murder, torture, rape, battery: That is the problem. What did they expect? A free ticket from their existence upon death?… It simply doesn’t work like that”

“We know that, but if they knew it, they’d never of committed those crimes in the first place”

“And that’s the justice… They thought Death Row and the Electric Chair was bad enough; and now, here they are knowing full well they will spend the rest of eternity feeling the pain they inflicted on their victims… Foolish, foolish people”

“Well, it was the choices they made when they were alive”


“Come on, lets just pry their hands off the tree and shift their souls on before the next lot arrive”

* * *

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Will They still be the Same

Genre: Chilling, Psychological


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Will They still be the Same


“Come on in” said the clown: The children were very scared.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise”: The children still held back.

“If you all come in I shall pay the entry for you, the experience will be free!”: The children thought about it.

“And, if you come now – I will give you free passes forever”: Now, the children were getting excited.

“This is the Fun-House children, happiness assured by me, your friendly clown”: The children felt more at ease, approached and ascended the steps.

“Well done my little friends. Now, just push the door open and all of you step inside”: The children did as they were told.

The door closed and locked behind them: in the dark they felt very afraid.

They heard the clown once more: “Children, this is ‘My’ Fun-House, try to get to the other door, see if you can leave!”.

There was no other way out:

And 6 years later the children are still missing.


* * *

160 Words

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