On the Way to Shangri-la

 Genre: That’s Life

In Shangri-la Then and Now!



On the Way to Shangri-la

“Don’t be sad…I did have a great life after all and enjoyed it immensely. You gave me a home when my first owner discovered he was allergic to me; and you all took me in. And who did I meet? My brother! You already had him and we got to be reunited! And the fun we had…Sheesh!!

I’m still around even in spirit and always nearby – I like your new dog by the way!

Always remember me as I am in this photo; not as I was shortly after when it was my time to go. But know this, I’m still here, and please take comfort in that. And Thanks… You gave me the best life!

You all forever have my love”



* * *

Friday’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge 29/5/2015 – ‘On The Way’ – here with a story to go with it




10 thoughts on “On the Way to Shangri-la

    1. He was great (this one’s a true story). I had his ‘mum’ who was tiny and he was one of 3 kittens that were huge!

      For this piece I imagined what he would say to us if he could speak. He’s the last cat my parents owned after 50 years of always having cats, so it really hurt writing it and that’s why it’s taken all day to reply.

      He really was a great cat who had a great life and is now equally happy in Shangri-la 🙂 Heck, this one used to literally smile when he was sleeping! 😀

      He’ll always be remembered 🙂 And thanks.. He would say that to us all 🙂

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