Writer’s Block – Again

This is doing my bloody head in….Writer’s Block has arisen again.

I know everyone suffers with it from time-to-time and it gets tedious and damn-right frustrating…. But for how long does it last? (I’ve gone days right up to months)… What can break through it? write about something else?…So, If all else fails at writing fiction – write about the block itself!

On ‘Mondays Finish the Story’ (here)... I had it all there, but, there was no way I could fit the stories I had in mind into 100-150 words – my ideas needed a page. Try as I might I just couldn’t get a story out of that wordage amount, so I wrote nothing…. (There’s something in that) – ‘Victoria, you doughnut, write what was in your head anyway and just skip the challenge this week’..No??… exactly.

Talk about learning curves in this game…. I think adhering to them might help.

And now what do I do???… Wait it out like we all have to at some points.

I don’t know what’s more depressing – this post or my last fiction piece!..but still, at least something is written down, and with a category to put it in!!

Happy Friday! ~ V πŸ™‚



9 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Again

  1. Something I used to do when this happens to me: take a handful of scenery postcards, pick one, then put yourself into it and create a story around it.

    Writers block comes from the fact that we are in our own way… you’re stuck in your head. When in fact writing comes from emotion and not thoughts as we often think.
    So mix it up. Put your pants on with the right leg first for a change, take a different route to the store. Different is good.


    1. Sure feels as you described – ‘we are in our own way’ – makes sense. I’ll come out of it somehow, even if it means writing from any current emotion, down or up or somewhere in between. Thanks for the insight πŸ™‚


  2. Writing something is better than writing nothing. Now, all it is is fitting what you wrote into the mold someone else made. Don’t give up — either try and cut your piece down to size or find a contest that encourages your amount of words!


    1. Hi Claudia. What happened was I write from various flash-fiction photo prompts, so I looked at the photo and came up with something… But, I cannot use that photo which gave me the idea because it’s part of a 100-200 word challenge and I can’t write over it… However, I could find a similar image on a search engine and use *that* one instead if this happens again where I have a longer story in mind. And…I shall search for some ‘non flash-fiction’ prompts where there’s more free range. There’s gotta be some somewhere πŸ™‚


      1. I have never used writing prompts, but I have come across photos that look like there’s a story there. In my case, I have number of stories that Ive started and had great potential and Ive not gone back to them in ages. A true Sagittatius…big on starting, small on finishing.


  3. Here’s hoping it passes. I have moments when I can’t BEGIN, but it’s not a block as such, it’s more laziness these days. Or doubt. But back when I suffered what I would call a “block” I would distract the brain by writing silly limericks – just 5 lines with that structured rhyme was often enough to dislodge enough of the block to begin again. Good luck with yours. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Dave. ‘Doubt’ – I can definitely relate to that one! And maybe that’s what causes the idea that laziness is the root, perhaps?? I don’t know what I am going to do to break through this (again!)…I hope I can find a strategy that works for me. Thanks Dave πŸ™‚


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