Dude, That is SO Messed Up!!

**Warning: This is an ‘amusing’ Dark story that may offend**


Genre: Disturbing/Dark, Humour/Humor


Dude, That is SO Messed Up!!


“Dude, trust me, that whole fuck of a family are twisted psycho’s”

“I thought I’d have no balls left she was grabbing them so tight”

“Seriously, man, keep well away from that psycho bitch”

“Do you reckon it’s true then, you know, what they say about her brother?”

“Reckon?! More like Totally True!… He’s one of those who, in a few years, will progress from killing and eating animals to cannibalizing human beings…. Alive”

“No F Way! That is Sick!”

“And…. Her sister? I heard she’s in the nut-house coz she kept puking up her food – anorexia or some shit – and then after… was drinking her own vomit so she could be sick again”

“Noooo….That is so fucked up, man!”

“You know who the biggest sick and twisted psycho in that house is?…. Her Dad”

“Why, what’s his deal?”

“Dude, he fucks dead people”

“What the Fuck!”

“Yeah, when his wife died, he kept her body in the fridge in his cellar and screwed her every night… for a month!”

“No Effing Way!!”


“That is one fucked up family”

“Dude, Trust me….. if that bitch starts rubbing your crotch again and saying she wants to eat your cock for dinner….”

“….Nah, she ain’t coming near my ‘goods’ now I know all this. Thanks, bro, for the heads up, see you after Math class?”

“Yeah, sure, meet you in gym for basketball practice…. Laters dude”.


* * *

Thank You Kristen Poli for introducing me to your Saturday Fiction Prompts!! here This was immensely enjoyable – even if it makes me sound like a twisted f*** myself for coming up with the story in the first place… But it was still a lot of fun writing it!



All words welcomed :)

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