Little Eric’s Language Barrier! *

Genre: Humour/Humor, Satire *


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Little Eric’s Language Barrier! *


“Hey boys, how ‘bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?”

Little Eric, upon hearing his Uncles call, still found this kind of speech incredibly odd and hard to understand. He, after all, was here visiting from England and unaccustomed to his American Uncle and Cousins’ manner of speaking; he found it, in many ways, archaic.

Eric didn’t quite know what to make of his Uncle Marvin’s enthusiastic wordings regarding ‘something’. Though, his cousins – Billy, Bob and Joey – seemed rather full of excitement by what he had said.

Eric watched as they gleefully ran towards their Papa spouting noises in a fashion which Eric could only describe as ‘sheer exhuberance whilst yelping utter gibberish’.

He knew he should have learned ‘Gibberish’ before he came 😉


* * *

Prompt and story created from ‘Monday’s Finish the Story’ here.

* I noticed some displeasure Re today’s prompt on the site, so I give my apology if anybody is offended by my story… it’s a comical piece, harmlessly ripping both American Redneck speech as well as English Snobbery vocab taken to the extreme, but meant playfully… 🙂





26 thoughts on “Little Eric’s Language Barrier! *

  1. This made me laugh! Poor Eric, I understand where he is coming from.
    But then again, that is what is so great about regional accents, especially those in England.


    1. Hi! I was worried people wouldn’t get the story… Eric is so well spoken and versed in the ‘Queens English’ that I thought it would be funny to contrast it with the Redneck spoken word. (plus, I have noooo idea how Rednecks speak so this was my ideal get-out clause!!) Thanks for reading, finding it amusing and commenting! Thank you 🙂

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  2. LOL! You sneak! Found a way around the redneck dialogue. Haha! I loved your story. I could understand Eric’s feelings. There are some accents here in the USA that I cannot understand. They sound like a foreign language. One of those is the deep Cajun accent. (Deep south Louisiana).


    1. Well my sneaky tactic worked! I had no idea how they spoke! lol! I’m glad you liked it. Oh, it’s the same in the UK, most English have a seriously hard time understanding the Scottish – the scots have to speak slowly to accomodate us! Regional dialects have their own slang terms too don’t they and that makes it even harder!

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          1. Yes, it is! I was married to a man from Kentucky and he had a southern “Kentuckian” accent. For years I had the southern “Texas” accent (still do a little bit).


  3. Too funny… I sometimes feel that way watching some shows on BBCAmerica. My southern accent is not very deep but still some people will look t me funny, then tell me…”I just love your accent.” Wonder if Eric could understand me? Great job!


    1. It’s the same here, with me anyway, the moment I hear an American accent I just want to listen all day long, but I’d dread going to the US coz it would be non-stop “Say something” and get laughed at about the british accent! Really pleased you enjoyed the story 🙂


  4. I have friends who upon reading this text would utter something along the lines of, “skinner bak like a big dog.”
    I will simply say that I enjoyed this immensely! Thank you for sharing it.


  5. Very funny Victoria! And, thank you for the note at the end. It seems that only one person found this offensive. My intent was for folks to write humor, and this post had nothing to do with what the one commenter thought was inappropriate. I appreciate your continuing participation in the MFtS challenge. Be well… ^..^


    1. I’m happy you found my story amusing! 🙂 I thought it best to put the note up so I didn’t get it in the neck too and avoid offending others… Worried all because of that one guys issues. I’m glad you didn’t take it down 🙂

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  6. Ha, poor little Eric! It takes a lot of time (and a lot of watching shows like “Justified”) to come to grips with such accents.
    Conversely, regional UK accents we in the UK (mostly) understand probably sound like gibberish to Americans. That said, I used to work with a guy with such a strong Cornish accent I used to just nod and smile – I couldn’t understand more than 1 word in 5 and I’m born and bred Cornish 🙂

    Nice story!


    1. That made me laugh about the nodding and smiling at the Cornish guy! It’s like the heavy Glasgow accent. I once wrote in comment to an American lass that I was ‘knackered’, she had no idea what I was talking about. I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing a story, I have to be conscious about my wording since most readers are American and wouldn’t understand some British terms. I have a genre category i called ‘Humour/Humor’ just for spelling purposes. But, Redneck speak, no idea and had to do a swerve on that one 🙂


  7. I worked as a long-distance operator in North Carolina for a while. One of the other girls said the people in the deep south needed interpreters. I found I could understand any American accent if the person slowed down. Well done, Victoria. 🙂


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