Writing Comp’s, Degree’s and I must be Mad!


My mind has been jumping lately, going in directions that are spurring me forward on one hand, but also wrecking total havoc with my concentration on the other.


Well, I entered my first ever writing competition for a UK writing magazine… I expect to get nowhere (really!), but it felt good giving it a go and left me feeling  proud when I hit the send button (it was good to see something through to the end).

Happily, they run a comp every month and I will keep entering as it’s a new step forward. The word counts are a tad longer than what I write here, and I have to see it as gaining a bit more writing experience in another way.

Another distraction has been my willing decision to go and get my Creative Writing degree. I’ve applied to Adult ED for an Access to Higher Education course and,  hopefully, I’ll be accepted, and then it’s on to Uni: That’s the plan anyway! Whether it goes as smoothly as that is another matter entirely! We’ll see.

I’m glad to be making ‘Writing’ progress: The comp, the course; all with the goal in mind to become a better/good writer. It’s all very exciting – although starting college fills me with absolute dread – It still feels good to be making plans.

Okay folks, I will leave it here, thanks for reading, leave a comment if you wish and enjoy your week!

~ V 🙂



All words welcomed :)

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