Autumn Life

124 10 October 4th 2015

Autumn Life


Autumn: cooler weather finally here. The horrid heat of summer finally gone.

The richness of colours: Golds, Auburns, Reds, Browns; all giving the days a new perspective as the Greens have faded out.

Landscapes changing, trees shredding, flowers falling: A new phase. The cool breeze, a sun shining less brightly, skies getting darker, days getting shorter.

Every living thing changing and preparing.

Animals and birds preparing for the winter months. Stocking up on food before the frost. Migrating to warmer shores. The long-haired Cats getting back their fluffy, thick winter coats.

Temperature shifts, flus and colds erupting all around. The itch of Hayfever now at bay.

Fireplaces heating and lighting a room, listening to its crackles, fully immersed watching its flames – hypnotised.

I like this time of year….. And you???! πŸ™‚

* * *

This weeks ‘Sunday Photo Fiction’ . A very apt piccy! Β Visit by Clicking Here


20 thoughts on “Autumn Life

        1. I’m on the fence between spring and autumn, both are not unbearable heat or cold wise and both do look very pretty in different ways. It is nice when flowers begin to bloom and show off their colours. I just know that summers coming and the heat and me do not get on!! (I truly can’t bare it!!) πŸ™‚

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      1. I was a ginger when I was a kid, and the fair skin has stayed with me even when my hair went dark, so the summer means I have to hide in the shade. I don’t mind that time of year because some of the photo opportunities are incredible. The same can be said for Autumn and Winter though. I managed to catch a leaf on the wind a couple of years ago, and it’s one of my favourite shots.

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