100 Word Challenge: Cat

Hello! This is a 100 word – no more, no less – prompted story  from a site I came across called the ‘Thin spiral notebook’. Clicking this bit will take you to the 100 word challenge page there. And this story is a little tribute to my two furry friends 🙂 

Genre: From the Heart

cat in a Christmas tree

My cats are really sweet. They truly are a joy to me. One will sit there and stare, wanting us to play. The other purrs after just one word I say to him. They are each other’s friend – except when the little one gives chase: Then it’s pistols and handbags at the ready. I love my cats, I really do. And the love they give back is immeasurable. I think about the hurt cats all over the world and my heart breaks every single time. I’m glad I adopted mine, because the love they give… delights me all the while 🙂

* * *


9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge: Cat

    1. Hello Mike! 🙂 I totally understand what you are saying. I’ll tell you my experiences with the whole flash fiction thing and that will hopefully shed some light on why you might be struggling…. And there is a valid, normal reason behind it!

      Different story word lengths have different ‘rules’. I’d say 90% of the stories on my blog are flash pieces of 100 – 250 words. There is no mystery….. I simply got used to writing that way. However, when I started entering competitions which required 1000 – 1500 word lengths, it felt strange. Even more peculiar was trying to write flash again after those longer pieces. Flip-flopping between word lengths (however long: 100 word flash, 4000 word short, 120,000 word novel) is confusing because they need to be written differently. And that’s what the problem is.

      This is a very brief explanation. But it gives you a little insight into the ‘why’ you may have found it difficult to write flash. Persevere with it and you’ll get there 🙂 it’s just a different set of rules 🙂


      1. Ah, I’ve never written anything so short, I imagine you do get used to it when you’re restricted so tightly. Mostly I’m grinding away at my novel, and in such a format, I don’t tend to care for the words because I know I will go back and tidy it up later.


        1. Hello Mike! ☺ I’m in a quandary because I really want to continue with the novel I began but if I do that I’m going to find it too difficult and confusing to write my flash pieces. I may have to step away from the blog for a bit to do it. (writing is so not easy! 😁). What kind of novel you working on? If you don’t mind me asking? ☺


          1. It would be a lot better if days were longer. There just isn’t enough time in the day for it all. I’m about 20% done with a Sci-Fi novel, and hmm, perhaps 40% now with a fantasy novel. I know… I should really concentrate on one or the other (I also have a few in the bin that will never see the light of day, you know the ones. The first ones).


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