Paranoid? Am I really!  

Joe Somebody sat at his laptop and stared at the screen. He just couldn’t begin his story for the day.

“What should I write about?” he thought to himself. “Come on, think”. But it was no use, nothing was coming.

And then he saw it.

“What the…?” He was initially alarmed at seeing the fly sitting there on his keyboard, he didn’t like flies. But then clarity hit him: The reason why his entire life he had felt like something or someone was always watching him, judging him, and scrutinizing his every move and making him paranoid, was because it was true, he really was being watched and the fly was the proof.

With his suspicions confirmed, he now knew he wasn’t crazy and that he’d been right the whole time. And the rock solid evidence was there, sitting on his computer, watching him.

But, how was he now supposed to write a story??

He got it! He would write about this very thing. He would write a story centered around his justified paranoia.

“Yes”, he thought. “That could work”!

He began to type. And half an hour later he had written his story.

It may not be the best story he had ever written. But in the end, after finally discovering the truth, he had stopped staring at that screen. And if it wasn’t for discovering the truth, he wouldn’t have had a story to write.

He was pleased. Sort of. If he hadn’t of had this epiphany he wouldn’t have had a story. But, what will be do now that he knows the truth? He didn’t know. Maybe he’ll write about and answer that one tomorrow. This day had been eventful enough.

* * *

Today’s photo prompt is courtesy from Sunday Photo Fictioner. You can pay a visit by clicking here and read a variety of others stories!


11 thoughts on “Paranoid? Am I really!  

    1. Hello! Yes, my tenses can get mixed up at times. Sometimes I’m tired by the time I hit publish and I miss things just to get the story in. The ‘of’ you mentioned is supposed to be there, I wrote it in the British ‘Sort of’ as in the American ‘Kind of’, maybe that’s what made you pick up on it ?? Nonetheless, thank you so much for stopping by and reading and taking the time to offer critique, I really appreciate it 🙂


    1. Perish the thought! But, you have a point, ‘bugs’ really are everywhere. I don’t want to see any now! But, as Summers coming…. My little cat had better sharpen her bug-catching skills. She’s only 1 and hasn’t been too great up until now, though she’s really been trying! (I’m glad she can’t read!) Now I definitely want her to try a lot harder!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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